Editorial shoot for Ella Haas Wrestle x Red Rum

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So a while ago together with Ella Haas I produced an editorial shoot in Berlin. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think of it in the comment section below!

Production: Kemara Pol & Ella Haas

Photography: Kemara Pol

Designer: Ella Haas

Models: @b.blakk & @heartbattle instagram

H&M: Christian Kallenbrunnen



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Berlin Fashion Week is around the corner and it’s this time of year where I have indulged in a ritual that I’ve never shared before. I scroll through my instagram account plunging into the depths of my feed to rediscover my absolute favourite fashion moments of the last years.

Obviously the feelings elicited by some pictures provoke an emotion: nostalgia. But what actually is that? It’s this kind of strange but familiar feeling of events that seem to have taken place yesterday and yet they feel so unreal and far away.

So join me on my journey into my instagram past, where you can take a walk with me down memory lane. Believe me, it wasn’t easy, but I’ve narrowed down my 10 favourite fashion portraits that I took in the past.

Let’s get started.




Number 10 goes out to two amazing up and coming models @jessicageorgiaburley and @laurenjdg, who already walked down the runway for no other than Chanel. Their distinctive blue eye make up and youthful appearance were just too mesmerizing to let them pass me without taking a portrait of those two stunners.



So this portrait is very dear to me since I took it during photography class. I named it “The Intersection of Serenity and Silence”. I love a dramatic title! Did you all know that I finished my photography diploma with high honors?

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kemara Pol (@yokemara) am



Oh Paris, you’ll be forever in my heart. As you might have heard Paris is a fantastic city. But you know what’s even better? Party in Paris during fashion week! This is a portrait I took of @andrejapejic one of my favourte fashion models of all time!

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kemara Pol (@yokemara) am



I love this portrait I took of photographer Franco Tettamanti! The pressure was real since he’s also a professional and worked together with no other than blogger royalty Chiara Ferrangni or Balmain’s mastermind Olivier Rousteing. And you know what’s funny, there was another photographer and you know what she said to me? A picture in this (light) setting will never work, because it’s too bright. I love to prove people wrong!

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kemara Pol (@yokemara) am



Berlin Fashion Week has a lot to offer and Augustin Teboul knew that, so I guess that’s why they chose Berlin as a location to present their new collection. The setting was impeccably beautiful aka perfection before my eyes. So taking pictures here was an easy task.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kemara Pol (@yokemara) am



In Paris the weather isn’t always perfect. So I had to learn that the hard way when I was standing in the pouring rain while working. But when the gorgeous @officialamilnaestevao stepped in front of my lense it literally felt like as the clouds would disappear. Eventually they did.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kemara Pol (@yokemara) am




I honestly don’t know anybody who doesn’t like David Hasselhoff! As well as I don’t know anybody who dislikes animal babies. And I guess what goes for her father goes for his daugher Hayley Hasselhoff as well. Not only did I take this portrait of this real sized supermodel, I also had a fantastic conversation about life with her. You go Hayley!




So this portrait is one of my favourite ones I’ve ever taken. When I went shopping at the other day I wasn’t really surprised when I spotted Daviid Chima on a billboard for a clothing brand.

🌎☄ #vintagefuturism

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kemara Pol (@yokemara) am




The picture pretty much speaks for itself, I call it “Identity” and it was my diploma work in photography. Sonja, the model, and me met up at like 5 am in the morning and we went to this very quiet lake where everything just seemed to fall into place.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kemara Pol (@yokemara) am



Woop woop! Here’s my favourite portrait I’ve taken so far. I’m really proud of this one because with this picture I did everything by myself and I’m not just talking about the photograph and the retouching. I planned the concept, did the makeup, the hair and I also did the styling by myself!

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kemara Pol (@yokemara) am

So this are my favourite 10 portraits I’ve taken so far. What do you all think of my pictures? Make sure to sound off in the comments below and share your thoughts with me!


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(c) Nikolaj Storm


What makes a successful fashion designer? For Nikolaj Storm it involves distinctive aesthetics, loud designs and the ability to create provocative silhouettes that combine sports elements with couture. Born and raised in Denmark, Nikolaj Storm is studying fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Before he presented his Bachelor collection to international press and industry professionals, I talked to Nikolaj about turning stories into collections, dynamic designs and which celeb he’d like to dress.

For people who are not familiar with your work, what’s the name of your brand and who are you designing for?

The brand is called “Nikolaj Storm Copenhagen” – as my name Nikolaj Storm and I’m designing menswear. I think there’s a lot of great designers and opportunities for womenswear out there and I think that there’s so much happening in menswear right now, that I really want to focus on and put my energy in that. I really want to inspire men to push their boundaries so that they see that fashion is so much more than just a suit for example. I want to show that you can even dress formal in sports clothes. I want to mix things up a little bit and ask myself how can we try something new and see how much we can push the limits.



What’s your personal definition of masculinity. Or do you even think in different types of gender?

Yeah, actually I do a lot because I think that ladies should be allowed to dress in masculine things and men should do the same. But I really want to dress men in a masculine and sensual way. You know, it doesn’t have to be feminine. I can use pink colors, I can use lace and stuff like that, but I really want the expression to be masculine, not to be girly or anything. I really want to find a balance where you still see that it’s really masculine and not look like unisex clothes.



Your style reminds me a little bit of Astrid Andersen’s style. Is she an inspiration to you?

Yeah actually she’s been a huge inspiration to me. Not to sound harsh or anything, but now that she’s done her signature and I really love it, but you can also see in some sort of way that she’s become more commercial. And I know that this is normal when you’ve entered the business that you really have to sell, but I hope and I will always try to do like fun stuff and showpieces and then you can always have the other stuff in the background. To me it’s important to take it further all the time!



It’s really hard to live from designs that are mostly for the show and not to sell. What’s your plan for the next two or three years to establish your brand?

My plan in order, continue working like that. I want to to do shows, where you show the special pieces and I’m well aware that you can’t wear everything out of this collection. But then I will do a basic collection that comes afterwards. So my strategy is to combine those two elements. So what I want to do is to take some elements and tone them down, so that you have a lot of pictures and campaigns of the show pieces and then you have the actual collection that is more for like everyday wear. So then you still make money but you can show off your creative side as well.


Ein von yokemara (@yokemara) gepostetes Foto am


How would you define your aesthetics in one sentense?

The things that I always focus on are always rooted in the sportswear and then I try to combine it with something humourous. I think that’s the main focus I have. And my teacher said to my final exam that she didn’t know if she’d met boys in town how she should react. She didn’t know whether she should be afraid of them or if she should laugh. I think it’s a nice definition, because you don’t know if you should laugh at them, because they look a little bit funny or you should be affraid because they have so much attitude. And I really liked to hear that, because that’s the way I want to go.

As we talked about Astrid Andersen before, she now has very famous clients now like Miley Cyrus or Rihanna. Which celebrity would you like to dress?

This is hard, because you there’s a difference between a celebrity I really would like to dress, like a really famous person. It would be really fun to put Justin Bieber in something, because you get a lot of PR. But I don’t think that Justin Bieber for example would be combined with my clothes because I don’t think he’s there yet. I’d rather see my clothes on Ollie from Years & Years because he’s trying to push the boundaries in the same way.



Right now we’re living in a time of gender fluidity, where do you see this topic in the future?

That’s exactly what I want to work with. Right now everything’s very fluid and I think you will come to a point where you really want to seperate those two again, where you want the girls to be more feminine and the boys to be more masculine. That’s why even though my stuff can contain feminine aspects you still need that kind of masculine forms and sculptural pieces to really embrace the masculine. But I still think you have that certain part where you can take elements from both genders and mix it up but you still have to divide it so that you can see that it’s a jacket for men and a jacket for unisex and a jacket for a girl.

So this collection is you Bacherlor’s collection. Are you going to take the Master’s as well?

I’m also going to take the master’s and hopefully things will go right and after that I will take off by myself.

Thanks for the nice talk Nikolaj!

Thank you!



When Gigi Hadid gave me a hug

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Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger at Bread & Butter

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well and enjoyed the summer time. Since fall is here, it’s time to set some new goals and one of it is definitely to update the blog on the weekends. At least I’ll try my best.

One very special encounter that I want to talk to you about is how I met Gigi Hadid. I already posted a picture on instagram and you can check it out below.

Gigi Hadid at Bread & Butter

When her collection was set to be launched at a fashion fair called Bread & Butter, Gigi herself showed up for this festive event. To be honest the organisation was a little bit confusing. The host seemed to be kinda overwhelmed by the whole situation and was slightly awkward. Anyway, eventually Gigi showed up and answered all interview questions that she was being asked in a super professional manner and later on took some selfies with bloggers, journalists and influencers including me. Yay!


The day I met you 😍 @gigihadid #gigihadid #tommyxgigi

Ein von yokemara (@yokemara) gepostetes Foto am

How’s Gigi Hadid like in person?

Our encounter wasn’t too long to be honest, but all I can say judging by our meeting is that she’s a very friendly person. She gave me her hand and introduced herself with “Hi! I’m Gigi! Nice to meet you!” She hugged her arm around me while we took some pics and then said goodbye and thanked me for showing up. I was really surprised by how humble and genuine she was. Not that I had any preconceptions but it was just very nice to see somebody so accomplished to be so relatable and friendly.

So if you want to know more about the collection, just go ahead and watch the video below where Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi explain how this special collaboration came to life!

What do you think of the Tommy x Gigi collaboration? Sound off in the comments below!


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So the big question to me after somebody won America’s Next Top Model is: What’s next to come for them? Where will they take their career? Last Top Model’s winner from cycle 22 happened to be Nyle DiMarco and as you might know he’s been the show’s first deaf contestant. On his instagram account I saw that his spread with Nylon Magazine just came out recently, which was part of the winner’s prize.



A couple of days ago this campaign that features Nyle advertising a yet unknown sports brand called “GripBell” came out. Take a look!



I guess it’s not easy to have a real career in fashion with a background from America’s Next Topmodel, but there are a few examples who are having a successful modeling career. For example Leila Goldkuhl from cycle 19 who just recently landed a campaign with Givenchy. Yeah, that’s a pretty big deal. Take a look!


Anyway, with the right attitude and most importantly a passion and talent for modeling you obviously can go very far. And as far as Nyle’s career is concerned it’s still unsure what he’ll make out of the winning title but I wish him all the best and I’ll be following his career for you guys. That’s all!


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Let’s face it, 2015 was the breakthrough year for top model Gigi Hadid. I’m pretty sure that you could grab any fashion magazine around the globe and find at least one picture of the American bombshell. With major campaigns for Mabelline, Tom Ford, Versace, Balmain and Guess, the newcomer booked jobs other models could only dream about.

But having said that, there’s one thing that we’ve been missing about the Instagram star. Since we all only know Gigi Hadid from the magazines or from her Instagram, we’ve actually never seen her talk. But thanks to daily talk show “Live with Kelly and Michael” that’s gonna chance, because they invited the model over to talk about her career and all the things that have changed in her live over the the year.

What’s your opinion on Gigi Hadid? Do you think she deserves to be called a supermodel? Did you enjoy to see her in an acutal interview rather than gracing some magazine covers? Speaking of covers, as I said she slayed 2015, but this girl is about to kick off the new year with a bang as she landed the British Vogue January cover for 2016!

Gif via here

7 amazing facts about the world’s most in demand model

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To be honest I’m totally against the behaviour of many designers or agents, who treat models like seasonal trends. How can you treat human beings like a used product that you’re throwing in the trash and celebrate them one season and turn your back on them the next? Anyway, this is not what this article is going to be about, I just wanted to make that clear.

What I want to talk about with you today is a pretty fresh face, that I haven’t really noticed before until I went to Paris Fashion Week and literally saw this girl everywhere. As I went back home I did some research and thought to myself “how on earth could I have missed this record? She’s the world’s most in demand model on the planet, reigning at number 1 on models.com!” Obviously I got my answer now on why I saw her everywhere in Paris.

Who’s this amazing runway queen?

Her name is Lineisy Montero and she is the hottest up-and-coming model who is taking over the global runways by storm. As I did my research to summarize some information I came accross 7 interesting facts about this girl who’s name we need to remember. Let’s break it down: 

1. Lineisy Montero was scouted at an amusment park

According to i-D magazine the 19-year-old from the Dominican Republic was discovered at an amusement park in her hometown of Santo Domingo. It’s super klischee and it’s so hard to wrap my head around the fact that things like that actually really can happen like that. 

2. Hello, no. 1 at models.com

Lineisy is reigning at number one at model.com’s runway rankings and booked not 40 or 50 but acutally 68 shows this season including Céline, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Chanel, Lanvin, Balmain, Stella McCartney … the list goes on and on. 68 show is just beyond, I wonder how exhausting this time must be, because that is really a lot of shows. 

3. Cover Girl

In at number three I want to mention that she’s already secured herself a cover of Teen Vogue as well as a Dazed and Confused and a WWD cover.

#WWD @dior #diorcouture @nextmodels @ossygenomodels @petercedeno Ein von Lineisy Montero Feliz (@lineisymontero) gepostetes Foto am


4. Breakout show for Prada FW/15

Much can change in a few months and Lineisy had her breakthrough starting at the very top as a Prada exclusive model for FW/15. Just recently she landed her second Prada campaign. Take a look! When she came on the scene there was a big fuzz about her natural afro. Sometimes I really question this industry on why it is necessary to discuss black people’s afro’s as a new trend, instead of just naturally embrace diverse hairstyles from the beginning. To me it shows that we as a society are way more behind than we sometimes think we are. 


5. What Jesus Christ and her grandma have to do with her modelling career?

“My grandmother told me not to doubt myself,” she told Teen Vogue. “She quoted this Bible passage: ‘I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.’ If I hadn’t listened to her, I wouldn’t be where I am. So I just kept repeating it in my head. That, for me, was the turning point. After that I had no problem.”


6. She had never been on an airplane before that breakthrough show for Prada
She recounted the experience to Models.com: ‘When I got to Paris, my bags were lost; it was cold. I thought of just going back home. The next day I just realized that I had gotten there by the grace of God and the destiny he had for me.’


7. Lineisy super friendly

The last and most important fact about our new Supermodel Lineisy is that she seems to be a very friendly and respectful person. When I took a pic of her after the Giambattista Valli show, she gave me a nice smile for my camera. What can I say, I think this girl did it all right and if she keeps being so friendly and professional I think she can have a long career ahead of her! And we will definitely keep an eye on her journey!


 Gif via here


What do you think of Lineisy Montero? Don’t be shy and let me know your opinion in the commets section! I know you got one!


Image of Lineisy Montero by Kemara Pol during SS16 Paris Fashion Week

Meet the stylist Veronika Dorosheva

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Veronika Dorosheva is not your usual stylist. Her aesthetics are filled by the many experiences and emotions of everyday life, representing the beautiful simplicity of its materials and form in a gender fluid appearance.

With her focus on futurism and effortless styling, she provides a broad yet understated palette for mysterious looks that are born out of ambivalence for our surroundings and express the need for grace and clean elements. So it’s not a surprise when I’m telling you that Veronika has loved fashion and clothes ever since she was a little girl. There have not been many other options for her but to be involved with creativity and interacting with reflected individuals. I met up with the creative Berlin-based spirit and had a chat.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What’s your background and what do you do?

I have quite a multicultural background. I am Russian, but I was born in Kazakhstan (back then it was part of the UdSSR). I have German roots from my grandma’s side, my grandfather’s family originally comes from Siberia, and my father’s family has some Kirghiz roots. I grew up surrounded by Russians, Kazakh and Korean people. It’s no wonder that I feel very well living in such an international city like Berlin.

Here in Berlin I got my BA and MA degree in Literature and Communication. But for a few years I’ve been involved in fashion and have worked as a stylist and a fashion editor. I would like to continue doing this and go more towards art direction in the near future.


How did you end up working in fashion?

I’ve always been interested in the aesthetic side of getting dressed, in clothes, fabrics and accessories. At first I became interested in photography in general and I met many talented people with whom I worked on some projects. Somehow I was always the one who was responsible for clothes. At some point I started my own fashion blog, attended my first fashion week (it was Copenhagen fashion week) and then it just started rolling… ☺

What does aesthetic mean to you?

Aesthetic to me is a sense of beauty and harmony. An aesthetic object for example is one that pleases the eye and the imagination and that gives you positive emotions and the feelings of joy and happiness when you look at it.


Who are you inspired by?

By humankind! By people from different cultures: ancient cultures such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Asia Minor cultures and many others, but also by contemporary cultures, their creativity and imagination. Think: Egyptian pyramids, Aztec pyramids, wonderful places like Meteora (one of the largest complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries which are built on natural sandstone rock pillars). They all are truly stunning pieces of art which were created by humans. When you look at the fashion industry nowadays you also see many stunning creations.

You just graduated from University! Congrats, what was your thesis about?

My thesis was about the relationship between clothing and gender in selected Medieval German literary texts.


What’s your favourite city?

A tough question! Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled that much so far and there are still many cities out there for me to discover. I like Paris, it’s a beautiful city with a rich history where you can get a sense of the well-known Parisian chic lifestyle. I also like Berlin, the city that gives you a very particular feeling of being free, and that impresses you with its crazy nightlife. I also like Thessaloniki and it’s Mediterranean lifestyle, lively, youthful atmosphere, friendly people and great food. Porto is a rather quiet, but it’s an incredibly beautiful, culturally interesting and friendly city. I guess I could go on like this forever. The cities that I’ve just mentioned were all my favorites at a certain time in my life. So I think certain cities become my favorites for some time depending on my current state of mind…


Let’s say you had the chance to set up the perfect shooting and are able to work with anyone dead or alive! Who would be the photographer, whose clothes would you style, who would be modeling and in which magazine would the spread be published?

I would love to work with Sølve Sundsbø. I attended a conference once where he was among the speakers. I liked that he was reflecting on the way the female body is depicted in fashion magazines. I think he is very conscious of what he is doing as a fashion photographer and he is aware of the fact that he in a way is also contributing to the creation of this certain image.

I would use some vintage pieces from Martin Margiela (from the time when Martin Margiela was still present), also pieces from Robert Wun, Jamie Wei Huang, Prada and Craig Green.

Maria Carla Boscono and Daisuke Ueda would be modeling. And the editorial would be published in Vogue Japan.


To read more about Veronika Dorosheva head over to vanillachina.tumblr.com!

jewellery brand EsTemporary by Silvia Piantini (first image)
March 2015
Photography by Meike Kenn
Styling by Veronika Dorosheva
Make-up and hair by Marie Lei
Model: Veronika Dorosheva
“It’s a man’s world” 
Published in Eclectic Magazine in the 3d issue SS15
Photography by Lucio Aru & Franco Erre
Styling by Veronika Dorosheva
Hair by Masami Hanyuda at Intercontinental Hair
Make-up by Yvonne Wengler using Mac & Dermatologica Cosmetics
Models: Tim Grupp & Jesco Schäfer at VIVA Models
Special thanks to LNFA

Meet the Fashion Illustrator Isabella Hemmersbach

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Isabella Hemmersbach by Kemara Pol

Some say ‘you’re just born with it.’ In Isabella Hemmersbach’s case, I guess we can believe that. Ever since she can remember, she loved to draw and to create things. It gets her a certain satisfaction of bringing things to fruition. Completion. Fulfilling a need and purpose. I met Isabella a couple of years ago in Copenhagen and since then we kept in touch. I knew from the time that I met her and she told me that she’s an artist that she’d have a spacial craft. Today I’m happy to share her gift of creating with you guys and introduce you to her!

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Where do you come from and what do you like to do?

I’m a German artist and fashion Illustrator based in Copenhagen. Originally from Flensburg (north of Hamburg, but not yet Denmark), I now live in the North West district of Copenhagen. It’s the area where the rent is are still relatively cheap and no lonely planet guide has ruined your favourite café yet 😉

I work at my shared atelier space, UnderBroen10, which is basically just down the road from my apartment. There I illustrate for magazines, fashion brands, my shop, bespoke projects and art exhibitions.

I actually also help creative people to do proper story telling online, fix their webpages (is there anything worse than as an artist to write a text about yourself?).

What I love is visual story telling and creating a mood. In my illustrations, art work, products, consultancy jobs and collaborations.

(c) Isabella Hemmersbach

What was it that you felt yourself drawn to illustration and fashion? 

I’ve always been fascinated with fashion. Even as a child I would draw and draw and draw for hours telling stories that would allow me to draw the princess over and over again, every time in a new dress.

What I love about fashion is that you make art that can actually be worn. To me, it’s useful art. The possibility of story telling is amazing! It’s not only about clothes, but also about the mood, the detail, the backdrop or the cut of the video.

I guess what ultimately drew me into fashion and illustration is that you can create moods, and that you have extremely high aesthetical integrity in this industry. (I’ve worked in finance and politics before, but people in fashion have so much more integrity!)

(c) Isabella Hemmersbach

How did you move from Germany to Copenhagen?

I moved to Copenhagen after finishing my high school. I’ve been here for almost 9 years. (Starting to get a Danish accent when speaking German, I need to do something about this!).

After high school I was ready for something new, and I’ve always loved to Copenhagen and it’s fashion, so it was an easy choice. For a little while, I also lived in Seoul, South Korea. It’s an amazing city and the time there was truly inspiring. There were so many parallels to Nordic design, but also completely different from the west. It ultimately taught me just how much I loved to live in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is cool, crisp and clean.

And apart from that, there is so much happening right now. All the creativity in fashion, writing, movies, music. I love it!

(c) Isabella Hemmersbach

In your own words, why do you think it is important to have fashion illustrators in the industry today? There are so many photographers and bloggers who upload pictures instantly on the internet. Drawing a painting is a lot more work and takes even more time. What’s your take on that and where do you see the importancy of fashion illustration in general?

I think it’s important to have illustrators nowadays, because it’s too easy to take a picture. When things take time, you think more carefully about it. You can upload hundreds of pictures to your blog, but illustrating a garment makes you learn every detail of the garment. Also, you have more of a curated view on for example a fashion week report. When illustrating, I don’t illustrate the most obvious look from a show, I rather tend to chose one the speaks to me visually. It gives a different perspective to the industry, really. I see more and more of the big players using fashion illustration even in their campaign work. But I also think it’s a trend, and trends end. Until then I will enjoy it while it lasts.

(c) Isabella Hemmersbach

What makes an illustrator different in terms of documenting a garment on the runway at a fashion show?

Illustrating a garment brings the actual clothes back into focus. Often, you need to work quickly, so you focus on the pieces, and the most important signature elements. It’s not about the model or the surrounding, but about the actual clothes. To me, it’s kind of a boiling down the essence.

Who’s your favourite illustrator?

Oh, I have several! I love what Bil Donovan does for Rosie Assoulin these days! He has my dream job.

Then of course I also love, love, love Esra Rois and Ernesto Artillo. I discovered them and their work a while ago. And actually they’ve both been super encouraging about my work.

And of course: QUENTIN JONES!

(c) Isabella Hemmersbach


Besides fashion, what else do you enjoy drawing?

I cannot help but draw gazillion portraits, the human face and it’s personality. A few years ago I had an exhibition with portraits only. The show’s name was “Shadow Plays” and was centered on the different sides of a personality.

Currently, I’m actually working on an exhibition, which will open end of august (28-30) at my Atelier collective UnderBroen 10.

(c) Isabella Hemmersbach

The theme is “Schachnovelle”, inspired by one of my favourite authors Stefan Zweig. I’m drawing a lot of black and white check decks, horses, queens (!) and some de-crowned kings right now.

I discovered some kind of feminist message, when I first started with the subject of chess and learning about the strategy in chess. In this game, the strongest figure is the queen. She can move like all the other figures combined (except for the knight), and can anywhere and finish a game, when a pawn crosses the back line. So my work so far is exploring the queen as a figure. I want women to rule the game, and forget about the King. He’s so limited in his moves and isn’t even worth any points. The queen should rather team up with the knight, who complements her skills, and win the game. Who needs an old fashioned King anyway? I’m all about #Queensonly.

The exhibition will be held together with another artist, who works a lot with flowers and concrete shapes, so it’s really a dialogue on a set subject. And part of the set-up will be special events during the exhibition, where I collaborate with a girls collective called sweet sneak, who will serve some sweet things inspired by the same theme.

Click on this link to attend the facebook event: A CHESS NOVEL 

UnderBroen 10, Bregnerødgade 8-10, 2200 København NV

Friday, August 28: 4pm-10pm
Saturday, August 29: 2pm-6pm 
Sunday, August 30: 12pm-4pm

(c) Isabella Hemmersbach


What kind of qualities do you need if you want to make it as a fashion illustrator?

That’s a good question… So far I’ve learned that of course you need some kind of talent and passion, and that it’s almost as important to have the guts to follow your own path and keep doing what you love. And then of course you need to network to get the jobs.


Do you have a favourite Danish designer?

Of course! I loooove Freya Dalsjö, Saks Potts, Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Han Kjøbenhavn, Anne Sofie Madsen and many more.

What they have in common is, that they are really strong in their design DNA. Freya Dalsjö is at the forefront of design. What she shows in her collections can be seen in the big brands a few seasons later. Saks Potts on the other hand are really smart about creating a strong brand on a few styles, and slowly building up the portfolio – from fur jackets, to kimonos, to their first fashion show this summer!

Mark is more grand in his vision, but equally smart. I love his use of color. Han Kjøbenhavn and Anne Sofie Madsen you all know by now, I guess. But have you seen Anne Sofie Madsen’s new resort collection? Do it!


What do you think about fashion trends?

There will always be trends. It’s just no longer just the magazines dictating them. Now they come from strong brands, such as for example Celine, and all the style influencers. The good thing is that more and more people get tired of changing trends, high street chains like Zara and H&M. More people tend to buy clothes, which suit their personality rather than a specific trend. But I doubt that the trend craze will go away, because we still have fashion bloggers who advocate trends, just like magazines do (did). And we will always have people who just want to know what they should wear.

(c) Isabella Hemmersbach

What do you want your future to hold for you in terms of you career and as an illustrator? 

I would love my future hold some more big clients. I’ve worked with both German and Italian Vogue, and I’ve worked with some local fashion brands, now I’m ready for some bigger projects. And Japanese or American Vogue? 😉

It could also be a book cover, another album cover, packaging illustrations, or even a print collaboration. I’m currently also experimenting with a few products, like ceramics, wall paper and other products that can be used to create a setting with a special mood. If you come to the exhibition end of August, you can see some previews 😉

Oh, and I would love to do more film and animation with my illustrations!