Meet the blogger Oliver from ZEITGESCHMACK

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Hey guys! What’s up? I know, it’s been kinda quiet lately. Do you know the feeling when you ask yourself where the time went? Yeah, you do? Because I’m literally asking myself that every single time I look at the clock. Anyway, why am I telling you this? Because it’s been ages since I wanted to introduce you guys to my fellow blogger from Berlin, who’s been in the blogger business for a very long time! He’s one of the few male fashion bloggers out there, carrying the torch of fashion for the guys and providing us with everyday and special occasion outfits, trends and fashion forecasts so that we’re always in the know about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of menswear. So now it’s time to let Oliver Eigensinn from ZEITGESCHMACK do the talking!

Tell me a little about yourself and your blog! When did you get started and what do you write about?

I started ZETGESCHMACK in 2009 together with a friend. At this time I was studying communication management. I was always into the new media and wanted to make contacts in the fashion business. I thought a blog would be a great adventure for me, where I can follow my passion.

Ein von Oliver (@mreigensinn) gepostetes Foto am


What’s your goal with your blog? What kind of things do you want to be your blog remembered for?

My goal was always to keep the readers informed. Show them trends, cool products and and give them some style advices they can buy directly from the online store. I love when people tell me they love my blog or they read them constantly. It makes me really proud.

 Did you ever experience backlash about telling somebody that you’re a blogger? How did you deal with that situation?

It happened several times. Especially when blogs were not that big people were laughing about it, named it a time stealing hobby instead of real work. If that happens, remind yourself why you do it, and believe in yourself. You know that it is the right thing what you do.


Ein von Oliver (@mreigensinn) gepostetes Foto am

Do you ever get tired of blogging?

Sure! Sometimes I ask myself “Why am I doing this”, “Does somebody read me”, “Isn’t this Blog just a waste of time”, but when I have this feelings, I start to analyze the problem and change some things to see the advantages of writing for ZEITGESCHMACK and have motivation to do it.

What’s the best and the worst things about blogging?

Best: You get invites to the best parties and meet the coolest people

Worst: A blog is 24/7 work. There is always something to do.

What’s the biggest misconception about you as a blogger?

That blogging is not a real work and people just do it to get free clothes.

How do you choose the topics you’re going to write about?

I am just writing about things I love and what I am interested in.

Ein von Oliver (@mreigensinn) gepostetes Foto am


When did you discover your passion for fashion?

When I was really young (about 7 Years old) I was modeling in basic school for a Kids Shop in my hometown. Since then I always had a passion for clothes.

What’s your take on fashion trends?

I love to try them out. If they fit me, I will definitely wear them. No matter what other people say.

What projects are you working on right now?

We changed the layout in November last year and with the new design I am still trying out new topics. ZEITGESCHMACK was never so personal than in these days. I could imagine to make Youtube videos someday.

On which media outlets can we follow you?

You can follow me on my Facebook fanpage called ZEITGESCHMACK and on my Instagram profile mreigensinn.


Ein von Oliver (@mreigensinn) gepostetes Foto am

So what’s your opinion on Oliver’s blog? I think he’s doing a terrific job covering the latest tips and trends about menswear fashion. Please make sure to subscribe to the links above to follow Oliver’s adventures and if you liked this interview hit the like button on my facebook page or share this article! Stay strong and don’t forget: being an architect of change takes perseverance!

Austria’s Next Top Model Winner Lands Versace Campaign

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“Do your thing, prove ’em wrong. Then pop your collar and do it with swag!” Tyra Banks did what millions are dreaming of and can look back at a phenomenal modeling career. Since 2003 Tyra’s looking for somebody to step in her footsteps in the search for America’s Next Top Model that will return into its 22nd season this summer. And it seems that Oliver Stummvoll, winner of one of over 30 spinn off shows and contestant of Austria’s Next Top Model, may have the potential to become a true top model. No other than the iconic Italian fashion house of Versace approached Austria’s first male winner to become the face of their latest Spring/Summer campaign.

This is one of the biggest deals Top Model History has ever seen

This is not only a major thing for Oliver’s career or the Austrian version of Top Model, this is a huge deal for the whole Top Model franchise worldwide! Here and there I’ve read some articles where former contestants complained about their bad reputation and that their participation at the TV show hurt their career and that they had a hard time to be taken seriously in the real fashion world. But as it turned out Oliver turned the tables and proved them all wrong looking super fierce in this Versace Spring/Summer campaign that was shot my Mert and Marcus. Take a look!


Tyra is super proud of Oliver Stummvoll  

And it didn’t take long for Tyra Banks to take notice of these great news. Read what she took to Twitter to express her joy!


What will this milestone mean for new Top Model Winners?

That’s the big question, that only future will tell. Did Oliver pave the way for other Top Model winners or contestants to be able to work and have a career outside of the show and as a TV personality? Will Tyra take Oliver on board maybe as a guest judge for America’s Next Top Model? I guess only time can tell! Please click on this link to take a look at the pictures that I took of Oliver some months ago! And last but not least, congratulations from me as well to your Versace campaign Oliver!  

✌️on set with @oliver_stummvoll #flashbackfriday Ein von yokemara (@yokemara) gepostetes Foto am


And because there’s no better way to end this story than with a quote from Kanye, I’ll just let him do the talking! Because we love Versace!


All eyes on Balmain’s Oliver Rousteing

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So the cat was let out of the bag. As we all already know by now the french fashion house Balmain is collaborating with H&M. I can’t wait for November 5th when the collection will hit the stores. And to be honest I’m really curious about how the menswear pieces will turn out, since Balmain’s signature look is quite daring, glittery and glamorous, I’m snoopy to see how Olivier Rousteing will fuse the DNA of the fashion house with the swedish clothing manufacturer and turn it into wearable menswear. Anyway, so now that we’re in the know about H&M’s latest fashionable liaison, let us take a look behind the french couture house of Balmain and its creative director Olivier Rousteing.  

Balmain through the looking glass  

The traditional parisian fashion brand was founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain. The label quickly became popular among the french high society and the international aristocrats were fascinated by the new despicable luxury. Balmain had a reputation as a couturier of uncompromising standards and that he was bringing the glamour back. His feminine, yet ultra-modern strong shapes were trademarks. Today the brand established as a mix between future and tradition, transforming classic items with contemporary street fashion. Balmain’s current Creative Director is the 29 year old Olivier Rousteing who not only won over the fashion world, but the whole entertainment industry by storm.   

Creative director turned popstar

The jet setter is a super creative person and it’s not only clothes that are his outlets. He’s the most followed french designer on instagram, he’s the perfect brand ambassador rejuvenating the traditional fashion house, and he has turned from fashion director into a real pop star. And he’s still under 30! The soical media king constantly visualizes things in pop culture and from the streets and turns them into pieces of his collection whether he’s daydreaming at a stop light or sitting in a cafe scrolling through his instagram feed. Fashion is a medium that can transform people and allow them to express how they are feeling and who they are. I feel really inspired by his very approachable and down to earth personality.

Watch this very refreshing interview with the freespirited designer. Hit it!

What are your thoughts about H&M’s new collaboration with Balmain? And what’s your opinion on Olivier Rousteing? Let me know and leave me a comment below!

Rihanna ruled them all at this year’s Met Gala

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Met Gala

Guys have you seen Rihanna’s Met Gala dress yet?? We need to talk about it because I think once again she’s outdone herself. Rihanna’s just in her own league, no half naked high pony tail Beyoncé can even compete with what BadGalRiRi did last night! Watch Rihanna’s phenomenal chinese couture dress in motion talking to the one and only André Leon Talley!



What is the Met Gala?

The Met Gala is a charity event for the costume institute at the Metropolitain Museum of Art hosted by Vogue US editor in Chief Anna Wintour, who managed to establish this annual ball to be one of fashion’s most important events of the year.

So what do you think of Riri’s dress last night? Who was your best dressed? Let me know in the comments below!



Around the World in 3 Minutes with Male Model Garrett Neff

(c) Kemara Pol

A model’s life can be pretty exhausting. As a topmodel you’re travelling constantly, mostly by yourself, getting thrown into unfamiliar environments and you basically live out of the suitcase for a very long time, if you’re lucky enough to be booked worldwide.

On the other hand modelling opens you doors to meet and work with people that you’d normally would never meet, you get insight into a lot of interesting cultures and can enjoy the life of a jetsetter and most importantly make a lot of money.

Topmodel Garrett Neff is one of those lucky guys, who’s just living that kind of model life and shares his adventures in this little snapchat style video where he flew to India for a job. Roll it!

After 20 years Gisele Bündchen is retiring from the runway

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen is retiring from the runway and with that an era is coming to an end! The 34-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model is truely one of the greatest runway models that graced the international catwalks! And I’m not just saying that, of course I did some research to proof my point!

Her decision to step off the runways for good is a loss to the fashion world, but at the end of the day it was her decision and if you have a look at her over 20 year long career it’s quite understandable, that the model wants to focus more on her family and other projects in the industry. And she deserves it!


Let numbers do the talking!

Gisele’s net worth has $320 million, that’s for example more than Katy Perry’s ($130 million) and Rihanna’s ($140 million) net worth together and makes her by far the richest model on the planet! Quite frankly you can say that she worked her beautiful butt off to reach a point in her career where she’s leaving (a part of) the fashion industry and not the other way round. The Brasilian über model has graced all the fashion magazine covers, stomped down the catwalk for the most well renowned designers of our time and booked major campaigns. Without a doubt you can call her a living legend in the fashion industry! And by the way if you haven’t read my article about Gisele and her Chanel No 5 campaign, head over to this link!

On her official instagram the mother of two wrote



The runways will miss you, Gisele!

In honor of Gisele’s runway career I trawled through her youtube videos and decided to share some of my favourite ones with you! Scroll down to the very last video to see her emotional final runway walk at Sao Paolo Fashion week for the Spring/Summer 2016 Colcci show!

Gisele Bündchen Ft. Bob Sinclar – Heart of Glass

Gisele Bundchen – Victoria’s Secret Runway Compilation

Model Documentary – Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen for Vogue Korea May 2010

Gisele Bündchen Shows Jimmy Planking Exercises

Gisele Bündchen for Vogue Australia January 2015

Gisele Bündchen – Colcci S/S 2016

… and if you still can’t get enough of the brazilian beauty head over to this channel and you’ll find even more short clips of Gisele! Have fun and leave me a comment below!

Trend is a dirty word!

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Trend fashion

Who doesn’t know what a trend is? According to the definiton of Oxford dictionaries a trend is “general direction in which something is developing or changing”. In fashion, you can say it’s a tendency that’s defined by a certain group of people, like designers, editors and other industry insiders who determine where the designs all way down to colors and accessoires are going. As for this season, the designers showed their collections too, but something felt different. Take a look!



The new trend is that there’s no trend! 

If you listened closely to what all these industry insiders had to say, is what I’ve been preaching for a very long time. Be yourself, be individual and just adapt the things from the runway to your closet that you can really identify with! So what does Anna Wintour have to say about all that no trend mess? I mean is this really possible to have no trends and just focus on individuality and personal style? Having trends in the fashion industry obviously makes it way easier to focus on certain colors or products and call them ‘must haves of the season’ or something like that. And by not defining any trends for the following year things can get quite complex when it comes to sales strategy and basically the fashion industry is just about that. Watch Anna Wintour’s surprising answer to the ‘No-Trend-Trend’!



What’s your take on that story? Let me know in the comments below!


It’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve been invited to take making of pictures of the production for a magazine called “Presse Schaufenster”. Now I’m happy that I can take you guys on set through my eyes! Oliver Stummvoll, the model, is Austria’s Next Top Model’s newest winner and won a contract with Wiener Models. Head over to this link, to see the full editorial shot by Stefan Armbruster.

Here are the pics I took on set!

Oliver Stummvoll photographed by Kemara Pol


Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol

Oliver Stummvoll by Kemara Pol


Do you like my pictures? Comment below or share this article!



Production & Concept: Barbara Zach

Photographer: Stefan Armbruster

Model: Oliver Stummvoll

Hair and Makeup: Patrick Glatthaar

Making of photography: Kemara Pol


Meet the designer Tina Elisabeth Reiter

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Tina Elisabeth Reiter (c) Kemara Pol, model: Serge Rigvava, Elite Model Management


Production & Concept: Kemara Pol, Editor in Chief

Photography: Kemara Pol

Designer: Tina Elisabeth Reiter mixed with streetwear pieces

Model: Serge Rigvava, Stella Models

Styling: Nina Kepplinger

Hair & Makeup: Kemara Pol

Digital Imaging: Dominik Geiger


Tina Elisabeth Reiter was born and raised in Krems, Austria and went on to study fashion design in Munich and London. While attending design school at the London College of Fashion, she has created her first menswear collection. She began designing her graduate collection, deriving inspiration from the feeling of homelessness, its contemporary correlation to “belonging”, and the search for one’s roots in todays unpredictable and globalized world. 

Disenchanted by fast and disposable fashion, designer Tina Elisabeth Reiter seeks to create sophisticated and highly crafted garments including its tradition and fuses it with aesthetics of modern menswear. Aside from her love affair with traditional techniques and silhouettes, Elisabeth also seeks to attempt a unique way of staying true to her own roots, creating an effortless and airy sophistication, which remains relevant in every tomorrow.


Tina Elisabeth Reiter


Tina Elisabeth Reiter


Taking inspiration from the heritage of the Austrian folk costume, art and history, Tina approaches design with more than just style in mind: Nourished by the wish of an ideal world which is forever connected with the myth of the alps, the kitschy homeland movies of the Austrian postwar years and the world famous musical ‘The Sound of Music’. Embracing these core ideas, the philosophy affirms that true beauty must not contain opulence but is beautiful from start to finish.

Through evocative shapes and luxurious fabrications, each piece is designed to make you feel fantastic, and therefore look amazing.

Sourcing the finest materials and manufacturing in an Austrian, German and British atelier, Tina Elisabeth Reiter is committed to quality and creating an international community, with a focus on producing heirloom pieces that will last many lifetimes.

 Tina Elisabeth Reiter, Serge Rigvava by Kemara Pol, Elite Model Management


How would you describe yourself?

Creative slob, aesthete, waltzing mouse, fashion weirdo, libran, foodie, believer, oneironaut, border crosser, artisan, electronic music lover, yogi, peaceful warrior, morning grouch ect. – Just arrange the above in an order of your favour.

‘The sound of Homeless(ness)’ that’s the name of your collection! What were you trying to say with your collection and its title?

The title itself is referencing the world famous musical “The Sound of Music” and its super kitschy far off reality picture of my home country Austria.

Homeless btw. Homelessness has a newly defined contemporary meaning. Besides a physical homelessness there also occurs the phenomenon of a lack of belonging, evoked by our unpredictable globalised world where things often go head over heals. Somehow we all have become modern nomads.

In the end my aim was to create a collection that suits a modern “world citizen”. On the one hand, staying true to the own roots by using traditional heritage as well as typical techniques that create the specific look/volume extracted from the Austrian Folk costume. On the other hand, pushing the limit of conventional menswear and creating something new that stands out from the mass markets.

Tina Elisabeth Reiter, Serge Rigvava photographed by Kemara Pol, Elite Model Management


Take me through your designing process. When you’re designing, do you draw everything at once, or do you focus on certain aspects and leave some things for later? how do you work?

It works for each designer differently. I am not really a big drawer, to much regret of all my former tutors. For me, it is a rough sketch, maybe already including some technical details.

I am too much of a crafts person so I start drafting the pattern and do the first toile. Especially when it comes to proportion and/or silhouette, I simply need to see how it looks in real. At this point I probably have already chosen the right fabric in the back of my head. Depending on the difficulty of the garment I will do another toile or maybe a mock-up of a detail that is crucial to the specific style. After that I do the spec sheet including technical drawing and manufacturing relevant details. Next I will do a sample piece of the design for the sample collection. By now everything is ready to got into production.

I’m sure you got this question asked already a hundred times, but need to ask you that! When and why did you decide that you want design menswear clothes? What is it about menswear that draws in your attention?

It wasn’t really my decision on the end. During my diploma studies I had a really strong tutor in menswear, who lead off everything. After participating with my diploma collection, which was a mixed one (half women’s, half men’s), in several competitions, show cases and runways I got approached by many people from the industry encouraging me to go ahead with my menswear, as they saw it as more directional compared to my aesthetics in womenswear.

The kind of “final confirmation” was given when I was offered a scholarship to do my Master’s in Menswear at the London College of Fashion.

In regards of menswear you have much more restrictions than in womenswear. You have to operate within a frame, that creates the arch of suspense. There are rules you can hardly break in order to create a working silhouette. So detailing plays an important role. Good menswear is full of little details you will only see at a second glance. This is something that gets me excited.

(c) Kemara Pol, model: Serge Rigvava, Elite Model Management

Who gave you the most precious advice when it comes to designing and what was it?

“You have to be in the box for a long time, to step out of it.”

Synonymous for you have to know the rules like a pro to break them successfully. This advice we were giving whilst a tailoring class at London College of Fashion by Alan Cannon Jones, who’s probably the luminary when it comes to tailoring and menswear in the western world.

Discribe your typical customer!

Well, let me put it this way. The opinions towards my collection in regards of wearability diverge broadly. Some people think for a conceptual collection it is super wearable, also as whole outfits. Others find it too experimental, e.g. the culottes or too costumy at all.

So diverse the perception of the garments, so is the range of customers. You need to understand what the collection is about to wear it. Someone said they looked like they already had a journey behind them.

Doubtless it sometimes happens when I am out on the street and spot a really well dressed guy, I think of specific pieces that would look great on him. My typical costumer it neither old nor young nor traditional or stylish – he makes the best out of himself.

Is there any specific famous person you could picture wearing your clothes?

For sure it would be supercool to have someone like John Malkovich or Andreas Kronthaler wearing some of my stuff as they cultivated such a distinctive style, which shows an outstanding taste.

But for instance I never imagined Patrick Wolf wearing my stuff. Et voilà, it just worked out together beautifully.

Serge Rigvava photographed by Kemara Pol


Let’s say you could have a runway show at any fashion week in the world! Where would you show your creations and why?

London. My heart still beats for the rainy island and its capital. With Savile Row, world’s bastion for tailoring and menswear. Also due to the fact, that London Fashion Week decided as first fashion week to outsource the men’s part and launch a specific men’s week. The Brits were pioneers many times, so this would be my choice.

We live in a time where fast fashion is more popular than ever! What are your thoughts on that?

Where to start about this… In my opinion, fast fashion is just a very good example of an industry created by mankind that is sentenced to collapse.

We need to learn that we have to pay the price for everything in life.

Hence a t-shirt for 4,99 Euro is a great deal. But do you know how much the fibres are polluted with pesticides? Do you know the minimum quote of produced items per seamstress in order to get even paid? Also do know how much gas was used to carry it around half the planet? If you don’t pay the actual price, someone else will have to do it.

The cycles in fashion speed up more and more, but in my eyes this is just an illustration of our society, that has created misanthropic systems to gain as much profit as possible. At one point things won’t go faster or cheaper. This stagnation will probably be followed by collapse and after this we will have to reassess our values and beliefs.

Can you tell us something about your new collection? What will it be about and when can we expect it to buy?

Last question, hardest one! I have absolutely no clue when this will happen. Things will need to fall into place and I simply need to feel it again. Sorry, if this answer is probably highly unrewarding. Stay tuned!


Serge Rigvava by Kemara Pol, Elite Model Management

For more information about Tina Elisabeth Reiter and her menswear line go to

Meet the streetstyle photographer Stela Alves

Streetstyle photographers at work! Taken by the one and only Stela (c) It’s the one word that fashion people can’t live without: Streetstyle. Nowadays we read it everywhere, it’s the fashion word of the street, one of the most important sources high fashion designers seek their inspiration from and the way style bloggers started capitalizing on! But who takes all those great pictures of all these fabulous looking fashion crowds?

Stela Alves is one of those people who just manages to capture the magic of the moment and freezes exceptional situations with her unique style of streetstyle photography. Since I met Stela years ago at a Fashion Week in Copenhagen, I’m lucky enough to call her a friend and I am beyond excited to share some profound information and invaluable insights of a true professional. Stela regularly covers the most important Fashion Weeks, you name it, she’s done it. And since you’ve most likely seen a picture shot by Stela in your fashion magazine, it is about time to set the focus straight about what it’s really like to work as a streetstyle photographer. So let’s give our best attention to the person behind the camera and let her tell her story!

Stela Alves photographed by Lena Jürgensen

Stela Alves photographed by Lena Juergensen

Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get involved in photography?

I have a degree in Journalism from the University of Londrina in Brazil and already then I had decided that I wanted to be a photographer. After graduating I decided to go to Europe for a while to learn languages and visit other countries. I lived in London, in Switzerland and in Montpellier, France. On a holiday trip to Morocco I met my husband. Apart from that, after my experience of living in Europe I was sure that I wanted to live here permanently.

Of all the Fashion Weeks you’ve been to, what’s the most exciting one for you to photograph and why?

Without any doubt it is Copenhagen. I think that there you can see something new and creative in the fashion world. I like the city a lot and also the Danish people, who are very beautiful and extremely friendly. I love how they dress.

Chiara Ferragni at Paris Fashion Week (c)

Blogger royalty Chiara Ferragni from “The Blonde Salad” in Paris

How do you describe your passion for streetstyle photography? Is this kind the of photography you enjoy the most or do you see it just as part of your job?

I learned to like streetstyle photos. My professional background is in photo journalism, I worked several years in Brazil for different newspapers and magazines. Streetstyle photos are similar to photo journalism in the sense that you need to shoot fast. I also like working outdoors and having contact with people. I could never be happy as a studio photographer.

When did you start with streetstyle photography and when did you realize that you can actually make a career out of that?

I started five and a half years ago by mere chance. An old friend who worked as a photographer for the German magazine Life & Style recommended me and that’s how I got started.

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl at Paris Fashion Week (c)

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl at Paris Fashion Week

For all aspiring photographers who want to live from their work as a professional photographer, what’s the advice you would give them or you would tell your younger self?

As in any profession the most important thing is to like what you do. This way you can unite work and pleasure. You also need to have the suitable equipment and to be quick and agile, what streetstyle photography demands. Furthermore, the most important thing is to have an eye for photography; an expensive and beautiful camera does not make a photographer.

Looking back, streetstyle photography became more and more important over the years. The media takes bloggers and streetstyle photographers more seriously than they used to. How would you describe this situation as a business insider? And can you indicate some trends on how streestyle photography will be in the future?

It is true that the media has been taking street style photographers and fashion bloggers more seriously. I do believe that this kind of activity will be long lasting.

Chloe Norgaard at New York Fashion Week (c)

Chloe Norgaard at New York Fashion Week

As you mentioned before streetstyle photography can be very stressful because you have to be very quick. But let’s say you’re at an event and people aren’t rushing from one place to another, like they do after a fashion show: What kind of direction do you give people in order to get the perfect streetstyle shot?

First of all you have to ask people’s permission to take a photo as it is different from the fashion weeks, where almost all people are there to be photographed. At the events it is not the same; if the person refuses, don’t insist.

The street photographer is a professional who needs to have a feeling for it. This is essential, but it is also something that you learn with experience – to be at the right place at the right time. We need to be attentive all the time to what could happen. Knowing how to choose the streets which are frequented by stylish people to choosing the right time for good light – these are tips that I would give to someone who wants to do a good job in streetstyle photography.

Susi Bubble at New York Fashion Week (c)

Susie Bubble at New York Fashion Week

Where can we find your work online and what social media outlets do you use?

The Street Style by Stela has a site,, also Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter.

Thank you Stela for this very insightful interview and I guess I’ll meet you at the next fashion week!

Thank you, it was my pleasure!

Devon Kaylor at New York Fashion Week (c)

Devon Kaylor at New York Fashion Week

Karlie Kloss at New York Fashion Week (c)

Supermodel Karlie Kloss at New York Fashion Week

Sussan Zeck at Berlin Fashion Week (c)

Top Model Sussan Zeck at Berlin Fashion Week

Kyle Anderson at New York Fashion Week (c)

Kyle Anderson at New York Fashion Week

Linda Tol at Paris Fashion Week (c)

Powerhouse blogger Linda Tol at Paris Fashion Week

Anna Dello Russo at Paris Fashion Week (c)

Anna Dello Russo at Paris Fashion Week