How Will Kids React To Caitlyn Jenner?

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“Our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children” – It was Walt Disney who once said those very true words. And if you have a look at this following video this thought can give you a glimpse of hope for humanity. I know this is just a case study and individual opinions of a group of some children, so don’t get too excited, but at least it’s a quite positive reaction in my mind for a peaceful and understanding environment. And besides that they’re the living proof that some kids can be so much smarter than some adults! Roll it!

What are your thought’s on Caitlyn Jenner? Don’t be a stranger and share your opinion with me!


Communicating Gender

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As far as Jenner’s concerned, I pretty much thought I’ve said everything I have to say about her in my last article “7 reasons why I think Bruce Jenner could really change the world”, but as it turns out, I think we’re just about to get into it.

“Bruce Jenner Is Now A Woman” or “Former Male Olympics Winner Is Now Female”. It were text lines like these that bugged me the most, when the news came out that Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is gracing the new Vanity Fair cover. And I understand if you’re asking yourself why such headlines could be offensive since they appear to be informing and descriptive. But before we go into that, I have to say that seeing Caitlyn living her own truth is really inspiring. It was such a big move not only for her, but for all of us as a society. Her journey and her way in discovering her womanhood was both a learning experience for the former athlete and for all of us watching her becoming the person she wants to be. Take a look!


Communicating Gender

So far, so good. But reading various headlines of today’s news about Caitlyn, I realized that our society still has a long way to go and to learn about how to communicate gender in the right way and not being offensive to any party. Since there are many transgender people who see it as an insult, when they’re called formerly male or former man or something like that, it’s important to develop a ceratin language that is both honest but respectful. I know, that sounds utterly complicated but since we’re dealing with pretty complex circumstances, I think it’s only appropriate to be a little more sensitive to these topics.

What is Gender?


According to Wikipedia the term Gender describes the socially constructed or psychological aspect of a person’s gender, unlike their biological sex. So what does that mean? I don’t know where I read this one but it somehow went like this “Sexuality is who you go to bed with, while Gender is who you go to bed as.” Make sense? And for some people it’s offensive to call them male or former male, because they insist of being called ‘assigned as male at birth’ instead of that, to emphasize the importancy of the gender binary system that we’re living in. 


Doing Gender!

I know this sounds really complicated – which it is by the way – but as I mentioned before, we’re talking here about a super complex issue, so I think it’s our responsibility as a society to find a way in talking to each other without being disrespectful in any way. So what does Doing Gender mean? As far as I’m understanding it, Doing Gender is a theory that doesn’t believe in biologism in terms of a two gender hegemony. Instead of assuming that there are only two different gender in the world, Doing Gender emphasizes on the ability to create your own gender independently from the gender that you’ve been assigned with at your birth certificate.

Anyway, what I really want to say is that I don’t think that we as a society have fully adapted the complexity of trans issues, but with Caitlyn Jenner coming forward with being her true self, we’re heading towards the right direction in terms of individual fulfillment and acceptance.

And if you’re curious about how you can find a way to communicate gender in a respectful way or better said where miscommunication could lead to, then go ahead and watch this very controversial video with Janet Mock and Pierce Morgan. You don’t only see how Janet thinks what’s the best way to communicate, but you’ll also see this man desperately trying to grasp what being trans really means. Hit it!


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Beauty is diverse

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Thanks to my friend Jen who sent me this article from Time Magazine earlier that day, I learned about the story of Ashley Graham and her very inspiring journey of self acceptance, self appreciation and empowerment. Ashley is working as a model, but she doesn’t look like your typical skinny and slender runway model, she happens to be bigger like other girls in her profession. In her speech she’s educating people about why labeling her as a plus size model has an alienating effect on her and other girls who look like her.

With having another body type in this industry comes a lot of adversities that Ashley has to face on her daily basis. With that comes people telling her that she’ll never land on a magazine cover or be photographed in Sports Illustrated. Eventually the highly determined model proved her haters wrong and landed various editorials, one happened to be in Sports Illustrated and graced multiple magazine covers. But most importantly she managed to overcome her obstacles by loving herself the way she is.

To me Ashley Graham is one brave woman, who is the living proof that the fashion industry is promoting a very narrow representation of what is beautiful and discriminates against other body types, putting women all over the world under unbearable pressure in order to follow up this almost unattainable definition of what is widely considered as beautiful. With Ashley Graham coming forward and genuinely sharing her thoughts about this industry and telling people about what she had to overcome she is pushing the dialogue further in a direction of acceptance and showing people that beauty is diverse. Other than that she’s also explaining power of words and what we as a society can do to deconstruct the narrowness of this industry and expand the definiton of what we consider to be beautiful.

Take a look!

10 rules of blog writing

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Ein von yokemara (@yokemara) gepostetes Foto am

Yeah, I’m getting into it, I’m asking the big blogger question! It’s the one question every blogger, aspiring blogger, online editor and writer who’s publishing online content is asking themselves. What makes a blog successful?

I’ve been asking these questions for ages, way before I had even finalized my decision to even start this blog. Many articles have been read, I even took myself some online marketing classes, learned about SEA and SEO, conversion tracking, email marketing, affiliate marketing, you name it I’ll explain it to you. No, I’m joking, but what I want to say is, I’ve really tried to educate myself about these topics to create this platform that’s both entertaining and yet contentful. And the bottomline is that everywhere I’ve looked, every class that I’ve taken and many people I’ve talked on this topic about – it all came down to one simple word: content.

Good content! But what does that mean?

As I said, the most important thing that’s deciding on success or failure is to have good content! Yeah, I got it having good content is the goal, but what on earth is good content? As I’ve learned in my studies there are some so called media factors that apply in the sector of traditional media. These media factors deal with issues like currency, geographic closeness, unexpectedness, frequency, etc. to see the full list just hit this link right here, which will lead you to the specific wikipedia article. I do agree with certain points, but when it comes to let’s say geographic closeness, I kinda disagree, because I don’t necessarily think it’s required to attract readers. Especially in our time, we can consume information from all over the world, get an insight into different cultures about what’s going on in the world. And in my mind blogs do have a huge advantage in terms of accessibility in comparison to let’s say local newspapers.

Anyway, as I was doing my research, I was thinking about what appeals to me as interesting content. And since I have a short attention span, I got bored about my research and instead of browsing through various websites in the search for blogging advices, I began writing my very own list of what I thought could lead to creating an interesting blog! But before we really dig into it I do have to mention that these characteristics that I’m going to tell you about are just a personal opinion and by all means will not fully represent the whole complexity and subjectivity of what makes great content – whatever that means. Anyway starting off with number 1!

1) Relevance

And yes, I’ve learned that from Google! Firstly, the topic or the person that I’m interviewing has to be relevant to me in order to even pay interest in writing about them to you in the first place. There has to be some kind of additional value to the article. And honestly, I personally always follow my gut when it comes to the decision whether or not I’m going to write about a certain topic, but I’ll come to this one later. If it’s relevant to me, I’m just naively assuming that it has to be relevant to someone out there with internet access and an electronic device. That’s it!

2) Quality

Don’t just create content for the sake of creating content! There are so many blogs out there, so I think the best way to differ oneself from the others is to set yourself the highest standard possible, take yourself a moment and internalizing that you are going to put this article into the endless spheres of the world wide web and really ask yourself if it’s good enough to be published. Believe me, I’ve written several articles that just didn’t make the cut because at the end of the day they weren’t good enough. And even though we’re living in such a fast consuming society, I still believe that quality beats quantity! Period!

3) Personalization

I know, that this condition is not invented by me either, but I just want to emphasize that personalization is a huge part of what makes a good blog in my opinion. In comparison to classic media, where it’s sometimes an absolute duty to at least trying your best in stying objective about the topic you’re reporting on, I see it in turns of blogs as an immense advantage that your personal webspace is providing literally space for your own opinion. If I’m not interested in your personal opinion I’m not gonna go check out your blog. It’s the perks of being a blogger that you’re not only allowed to have your own opinion on things, it’s also expected from you! Which leads me to my next point …

4) Process of reasoning

Don’t just claim random statements! At least I’m really careful with that. I personally don’t like contradictions or reading articles that don’t feel round. I’m not saying that everything should be black or white, there are a lot of things that appear to be converse but don’t necessarily exclude one another. Just because I can’t think about a better example I’m giving you Beyoncé. I really used to see her actions and her claiming herself a feminist under a very critical eye and for a long time perceived it as a huge double standard, until I saw an interview with a person whose opinion I really respect saying that fighting for equal rights as a public figure but still finding a way to express their personal sexuality in a sensitive and provoking way doesn’t necessarily need to exclude one another. That made me reconsider my judgmental attitude towards Beyoncé. As a matter of fact this perspective of that I have never thought of before was a true learning experience for me. Anyway, Beyoncé is a whole other topic I might be talking about someday, maybe. What I want to say is, at the end of the day to me it’s really important that there’s a reason of how and why you’re justifying a specific argumentation, which guides me to my next point …

5) Authenticity

To me there’s just no bigger turn off than reading articles that appear to be inauthentic. Sometimes that can be funny for entertainment reasons, but other than that I just can’t take it seriously. Same goes for real life situations, where I’m listening to people talking and at the same time the voice in my head that screams “You’re not authentic and I’m not buying what you’re saying!” is almost too loud to be able to hearing what the person has to say. That’s the reason, why I try to be as honest as I can possibly be about the topics I chose to talk about, because everything else would just be absurd. Moreover I personally very much dislike just random click baiting headlines. Not that sensationalizing headlines are not interesting, but when there’s just nothing behind it, it’s nothing but frustrating to the readers. On the other hand you do not only come across inauthenticity in unsatisfying headlines but in articles as well, which leads me to another thing I can’t deal with – socially desirable conduct. Ugh, it’s the worst when you’re about to experience this moment where you realize that this person’s opinion is not sincere and doesn’t come from an honest place, but is just trying to please you with their specific perspective. Intelligent readers will instantly get you busted! Don’t think you can fool your readers. People are very sensitive when it comes to concerns like socially desirable responses. Only less than smart readers will overlook inconveniences like that and those I assume are not the kind of people you want to attract on your blog.

6) Intimacy

In my opinion this is really one of the hardest things to live up to. When you’re a blogger, people automatically will be curious about the person behind the keyboard, I get that. Intimacy kinda also goes hand in hand with authenticity, but as far as I’m seeing it authenticity has to deal with trying to be the truest version to yourself towards your audience, whereas intimacy is really letting people be able to share a common space with you to get a grasp of who you are as a person. But letting your walls down and making yourself vulnerable is something that’s not easy. I’m not saying you have to sell yourself out on anything but you’ve got to provide a certain attainability when it comes to your person, in order to let the readers who basically don’t know you personally bond with you and allow them to be able to relate to the things you’re saying. It’s also about creating a space and finding a balance between not overexposing yourself since I think it can become annoying and boring quickly and at the same time maintaining a level of mystery about you as a person to keep the readers engaged. I know that’s a tough one and I’m also still working on that!

7) Utility

This kind of goes hand in hand with relevance, but it’s even thought a step ahead. Utility to me means, that you as writers, content consumers have to gain something out of reading that interview or that article. In which ways do readers benefit from consuming that specific content? That is a very important question to be asked which eventually needs to be answered even before start writing an article. Is there any learning experience, a teaching moment or just an eyeopening experience attached that’s able to broaden the readers’ horizons in any sort of way?

8) Timing

I don’t know how you feel about it but unfortunately I know that the best ideas always come to me before I want to go to sleep, which sometimes is costing me a lot of precious sleeping hours. And through experience I’ve learned that trying to re-scheduling the writing onto the next day is not working for me, since for whatever reason I’m not really able to talk about it the next the in the same way that I would have been able to the day before. You know what I mean? It’s strange, but it is what it is. And what I’ve learned from that is, don’t re-schedule articles you’re passionate about writing right now onto the next day. If you have so say something now, then do it!

9) Gut feeling

To me this is probably the most important and least profound way of approaching to write about something! Eventually everything comes down to the fact that your blog enables you to add your very own personal flavor to a specific content. Just listen to what you’re gut instinct is telling you and basically forget about everything else. I firmly believe that you’re able to develop a qualified gut feeling over the years that includes everything that I’ve said above anyway. So if you have the opportunity to create a blog, then seize it as your very personal playground and words will be your toys!

10) Trial and Error

So far so good! And again, this is a very personal and highly subjective list of characteristics that might lead to as what we consider to be good content. But let me warn you, please don’t judge me if you’ll come across an article that’s not living up to half of what I said in this article. Sometimes I just want to try out things, be creative with this medium and have fun with it. It’s important to try things out which is helping you to find out which articles perform well and what people are not buying into!

Let me know what you think about it and make it a learning experience for all of us. Talk to me in the comment section below and tell me about your experiences as a blogger or if you’re a reader make some suggestions what kinda topics you would like me to talk about!

7 Reasons why Bruce Jenner really could change the world

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Love is the courage to live the truest, best version of yourself. Bruce is love. I love you Bruce. #ProudDaughter

Ein von Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) gepostetes Foto am

I’m sure that many of the american hit show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ viewers thought they knew who Bruce Jenner was, but as it turned out nobody knew who Bruce Jenner really is after all. As many of you might have heard by now, Bruce came out as transgender in a very long anticipated TV interview. If you haven’t seen the interview yet, you can watch some parts of the interview here.

After I’ve finished watching the two hour 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer interviewing the former Olympic winner and I came to the conclusion that I really liked the way they all carried this highly sensitive topic through the show. It was as well very emotional, personal, educational and most of all thought provoking but reflective at the same time.

His family and other celebrities are showing support

So far the majority of the reactions have been very supportive and postive from other celebrities. Take a look!

Laverne Cox, actress from the Netflix hitshow and trans activist also shared her point of view with the public. Hit it!

Bruce Jenner said it was Kanye West who helped Kim Kardashian understand his transition

Will Bruce Jenner’s coming out change the world? 

I’m sure that this interview with Diane Sawyer changed his public perception in many ways and I’m not even talking about his gender, rather than his personality in general. “What I am doing is going to do some good,” Jenner said in the interview, “and we’re going to change the world. I really, firmly believe that.”

And honestly, I do think that Bruce Jenner can change the world. And here’s why!

7 Reasons why Bruce Jenner is going to change the world

1. He’s on the most popular reality television show on this planet. Through the show he can reach millions of people who are going to watch the whole family adjusting to a completly new situation and the viewers will accompany each family member on their very personal journey of acception.

2. Bruce Jenner is famous on his own! He’s not only famous because of Kim Kardashian, he became famous way before Kim as the ‘world’s greatest athlete’ winning the Olympic Games in the 70s. In fact he’s widely known outside the reality TV universe which makes him even more powerful – he’s not only relevant to the younger generation, but also to the generation 60+.

3. Kim Kardashian is supporting him. We don’t know whether she’s only jumping on the bandwagon for publicity reasons or if her compassion is sincere. Either way she’s in the position to push the dialogue to the next level alongside with Bruce.

4. He’s a pioneer! Never before has a high profile public figure spoke out the way he did. I’m not saying that he’s the first transwoman on the  planet, but never before has there been any celebrity with an extend of his fame made a statement like that and is going to document his journey on reality TV. That gives him the benefit of a pioneer and all the attention he needs to change the public perception of transgender people.

5. Bruce Jenner has a strong mindset! And no, I don’t agree with people saying he’s disorientated because he’s old or something. We should never forget that he has the perseverance of a top athlete. People like this are fighting for their goals like nobody else.

6. The world of celebrities is showing full support. Names like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah or Lena Dunham stand behind him a hundred percent and their opinion will have a snowball effect as consequence to their fans.

7. He’s finally transitioning into the person that he always wanted to become. And as cheesy as it might sound – you can’t do any wrong by just being yourself. Bruce Jenner transitioning infront of the public eye will be a thought provoking experience for everybody watching, making a lot of dialogues possible. With him coming forward with his own truth he’s helping other people in his situation to become more visible which is important in the process of acceptance. That’s all I have to say on that!

What’s your opinion on that matter? 

The fact that such an important topic, that used to be a taboo for so many years is finally a part of the biggest mainstream TV reality show on the planet is just mindblowing! And I firmly believe him that this decision is not a publicity stunt for the show like some people were saying. I mean,  we live in a highly staged media world where many people try to sell out anything, but in my opinion this is not one of them. It would be just absurd!

So I want to know how y’all feel about this situation!

Please let me me know in the comments below and thank y’all for reading!

Meet the blogger Kathrin Kilburn

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You could say Kathrin was born curious. A german girl, raised in Bavaria eventually moved to Vienna, Austria to persue her master’s degree in communication. After graduation she came to the courageous decision to move to her future husband Matt in Vancouver and she founded her blog the ‘curious pretzel’.

Her diverse writing inspirations range from her everyday life adventures as a foreigner living in Vancouver to her favourite festivities in town and travelling inspiration reports on cities like Budapest. I honestly admire her bravery in many of her decisions including taking her life to the other side of the world. I mean that takes a lot of guts to do that. But at the end of the day it’s her winning personality and her brains that got her that far.

Anyway, I caught up with my friend and asked her things about her blog and spectacular journey from Europe to Canada! Hit it! By the way you’ll find all the pictures on her blog – you guys need to check it out, it’s ‘‘.    

Why did you decide to create a blog?

My personal blog started as a school project. My first pitch was to create a personal blog that shows life as an expat. I first thought I would use the blog as my portfolio after finishing the course but now  I really enjoy having an outlet for the stories and discoveries I come across and it seems like there is people reading it too.. The blog helped me look at my expat life with fresh excitement, when paperwork and immigration stress were slowly taking over the fun part of it.

What is a curious pretzel?

I was searching for a blog name that referenced my heritage as well as my love for exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new things. As all these things are topics of my blog posts. I love pretzels by the way, nothing tastes more like home than a fresh pretzel with butter for breakfast.


Can anybody be a curious pretzel?

I don’t know about the Pretzel-part but I definitely recommend staying curious. Curiosity will make your life richer, more exciting and fun. Don’t take things for granted, ask when you don’t know and go where you haven’t been. I have always loved travel, reading, listening to interviews and podcasts, photography, art, fashion  – and if I had to break down why that is, it comes down to being curious and wanting to get glimpses into other walks of life.    


Has your perspective on life changed since you had moved to another place?

I wouldn’t say my perspective of life changed, but I started missing the weirdest things (like a well balanced newspaper or news show) and things I took for granted have become special. Like seeing my friends and family regularly. Or holding a work permit.    


What’s your favourite quote?

There is a lot of quotes that speak to me, but I am really bad at re-quoting. One of my favourites is “I’d rather have a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what ifs’.” This quote really speaks to me as it is my motto behind decisions. You don’t know what will happen if you only dream about things. Instead of being indecisive for days, months or years, I’d  rather take a chance and deal with the consequence than worrying for days and wondering what would have happened if…

Do you have a motto that you try to live your life after?

I believe in following my heart. I decide things pretty impulsive, which is not always the easiest route but looking back on my decisions I am very happy with (most of)  them.


What’s the biggest misconception of Germans that you’ve experienced so far?

Pretty much the usual: That everyone has seen “The Sound of Music”, loves Sauerkraut and speaks with a harsh accent. Vancouver is a big immigrant hub, there are many Germans out here, so generally you don’t get confronted with too many cliches. People are used to accents and fermented foods is actually a big trend right now.  


At some point in your life you came to the decision to move from Austria to Canada. How can one imagine that, to leave everything you were familiar with behind you and start all over again?

I was at a crossroad in my life so I can’t say it took me very long to make this decision. The perks of being impulsive! My husband and I were dating long-distance for a few months when we went travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia and decided to make our relationship “official”. A few days later we discussed  whether I could imagine moving to Canada in the near future and I said yes. After that quick response I had to figure out how to make this idea come true. The flexibility I gained with my degree coming to an end and a thesis on the horizon worked in our favour.


Did you make a plan or how did you come from just the idea about moving your life to somewhere else and still living in Vienna by that time to waking up in Vancouver everyday?

Moving outside of Europe requires a bit more planning due to Visa, work permit  and insurance restrictions. After first visits and a 5 months study stay, I eventually applied for a working holiday visa and moved for good. Meanwhile I have applied for permanent residency and I hold  a work permit that allows me to live here until the PR goes through. This “test” phase was great to get a gauge of what my life abroad will be like but  there really was never any doubt.

What were the biggest adversities you’ve had to face over that moving process and how did you overcome them?

The immigration paperwork was definitely one of the hardest challenges we faced, both emotionally and strategically. After speaking to an immigration consultant who charged us for wrong information (CIP) we were already thinking I wouldn’t be able to leave the country for the next 2 years due to my pending application…Talking to an actual immigration lawyer and working through questions was our best bet. We managed the paperwork by ourselves but there is a lot of grey zones and unknown entities after handing in your files. A scary place to be in, but I think we are through the rough parts now.

Meet the make up artist Nicole Jaritz

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(c) Kemara Pol

Every now and then, a single moment shapes a lifetime. When make up artist Nicole Jaritz was amere 10 years old, she happened to hold an issue of Vogue Magazine in her hands for the very first time — she was so awestruck by the very natural and fresh looking Brooke Sheilds who graced the cover — she knew from there on that she had to work in the industry. By age 18, she went to LA where she persued an education as a make up and hairstylist; and from there, she apprenticed with the world’s most influencial make up artist Pat McGrath who taught her all the impotant basics.

She’s now settled near Vienna, where she from now on only takes on jobs that really matter to her. Nicole’s a mother of two and can look back at a phenomenal career, wich includes works for magazines like British Vogue and i-D magazine and she glamed up A listers like Madonna, Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss. So I met up with the most talented make up artist I know during a shoot on set, documented her getting the models make up ready for the shoot and asked her about her journey and challenges that this industry brings along.

Thanks to Esther Vörösmarty, her assistant, Petra Mennella und Simon Winkelmüller who were also working on set that day! 

(c) Kemara Pol

What makes a good make up artist in your opinion?

Well, as you said, in my opinion it’s somebody who looks at any face and immediately realizes what makes this face beautiful above all and how to underline the essence of that beauty. And most importantly the make up artist has to be able to work together with other creative individuals, to create a look that expresses an all together view and not simply one’s own! It’s all about teamwork!

Who’s your favourite make up artist?

That is very hard to say as there are many great talents out there, right now I would say it’s somebody not super mainstream, like Stephane Maraiswho has been working with Peter Lindbergh for over 20 years, and he for me has the perfect eye what makes somebody beautiful without changing their face! According to me it’s a gift that is losing its importance in nowadays world of perfection.

(c) Kemara Pol

What’s the best and the worst part of working in the fashion industry?

The best part is that you can create, every day again, working with a lot of very different people without having a routine.
The worst – can’t say!

Do you think that the fashion industry and superficiality go hand in hand?

It is hard to throw every body into the same hat, but there is a lot of superficiality because people want to go far quickly.

(c) Kemara Pol

Are you interested in fashion?

Absolutly, it’s one of my main passions, but maybe less in the commercial sense, but more in the direction of art, classic and quality sense.

You’ve been working all over the world. For example in LA, London, Milan and Paris. What’s your favourite city and why?

London without a question. For me it is the place to be myself, to be able to create without being questioned or pushed in one direction. I truly believe London is the only place that is keeping its coolness without becoming super mainstream and commercial.

If you could change 4 things in the fashion industry what would it be?

That would be childlabour, trends, mainstream and greed.

(c) Kemara Pol

On set of a photoshoot you have to work with all kinds of people. How important is it in your opinion that the chemistry of the team is right?

It is the essence of a shoot, hence that’s why most teams try to always work together. Important note: never change a good team!
At the end of the day no one asks who did what, when or why. It only comes down to the picture that will be telling the story, and when everybody works as a team it will be mindblowing!


Who would you like to see attending the Life Ball?

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(c) Kemara Pol

As you know the Life Ball is one of the most glamorours charity events that takes place in Vienna’s city hall in the name of raising awareness of Aids and HIV, but also to make its mark for solidarity, tolerance and diversity. Every year there are celebrities attending the event to hold speeches at the ball’s opening ceremony to once again emphasize the importance of reducing predjudices towards Aids and HIV and call up to tolerance.

Last Staturday the ball celebrating life took place for the 23rd time, with stars like Charlize Theron, Mary J Blige, Carmen Electra, Brigitte Nielsen, Kelly Osbourne, Paula Abdul and some more. Now in my opinion every celeb attending is helping to gain more media attention, which is a good thing in order to raise more money. By the way all the money raised at the ball is supposed to be donated to foundations and institutions who help fighting the battle against HIV/Aids.

Since the Life Ball took place for the 23rd time now, the number of celebrities attending over the years has been quite impressive: Bill Clinton, Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, Eva Longoria, Whoopie Goldberg, Elton John, Dita von Teese, Katy Perry, Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne, Markus Schenkenberg, Hilary Swank, Janet Jackson, Naomi Campbell and many more.

So I did a little research about who I’d like to see attending the Life Ball next year or in the following years. So here are my suggestions in no particular order and I’m also explaining you why I think they’d be a terrific choice for the ball! And before you go and say ‘you’re delusional, the Life Ball couldn’t afford any of these people in years’, guess what, as a matter of fact all of the stars attend the charity event voluntarily and out of their free choice. Let’s get started!

1) Neil Patrick Harris: In my mind Neil Patrick Harris would make the perfect Life Ball ambassador. Why? He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest names right now, everybody knows him as Barny from ‘How I met your mother’, he was this year’s host of the Oscars which gained him even more popularity and he happens to be the perfect husband to his longtime partner David Burtka and dad to their twins.


2) Ellen DeGeneres: Do I really need to explain this one? I don’t think so but I’m gonna do it anyway. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most popular talk show hosts on the planet and therefore one of the most influencial voices of our generation. Not only is Ellen one of the smartest, kindest and funniest people in television, she’s also ever since been a tremendously important figure in the LGBT community, which absolutely would make her a beyond perfect match for the Life Ball. The only problem that I smell is her schedule, because of her daily talk show, that could be a problem. But if you let’s say plan two years ahead, maybe she’ll make it!


3) Lena Dunahm: Yes, Lena Dunham! She’s been one of the most important voices for the younger generation always eager for keeping the dialogue about feminism and equality alive and she’s not afraid of speaking her own truth. In my opinion Lena Dunham would make the perfect spokesperson in terms of discussions about reducing predjudices towards feminism and LGBT matters and at the same time being a total sweetheart and most importantly she’s super relatable!


4) Bruce Jenner: Here we go! In mind there’s just nobody else right now who would be exactly at the perfect place if he (as far as I know it’s still appropriate to refer to Bruce Jenner as he) visited the Life Ball. First off he came out as transgender in a recent interview (which I’m gonna talk about hopefully pretty soon here on the blog) and he’s on the most popular reality TV show on the planet ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, which makes him more than relevant. He’s not only the stepfather of the world’s most sought after it girl Kim Kardashian, but also an american sports icon and winner of the Olympic Games in the 1970ies. According to me, his bravery of coming out as identifying as female makes him the ideal role model of tolerance. And by the way I think anyone of the Kardashian-Jenner clan would make a good appearence at the Life Ball. The only problem I smell here is money! Since this is a charity event and they would not get any money out of that, I’m really not sure if they’re into this. But hey, isn’t fame the new money?


5) Miley Cyrus: Yep, y’all heard me right! As far as I see it, the ‘Wreckingball’ singer would be the perfect celeb bringing the right attention to the Life Ball. Not only because she’s one of Hollywood’s young elite and super talented, but also and I’ve already talked about that matter in a previous article, Miley’s the founder of ‘The Happy Hippie Foundation’ which supports homeless LGBT teens and raises awareness of LGBT issues. Other than that there’s just nobody else who can twerk her behind like Miley! And we’d love to see her twerking the Life Ball stage!


6) Jennifer Lopez: Wait what? No I’m not running out of names, and counting down random celebrities. And I get it if some of you might raise your eyebrow, but before you do so let me explain you why I think she’d be the perfect guest! So as I told you, I did my research and according to that I found out that Jenny from the Block had a gay aunt who had a huge impact on her life back in the days when she started out as a dancer. Also Jennifer Lopez is the the executive producer of an american TV series named the ‘Fosters’. I haven’t seen it yet but as far as I know the story deals with the life of two women who are a couple and the challenges they face while raising their children or something. As you’ll watch her her talking about the project you’ll see that it seems to be very close to her heart. Besides JLo is in the business for decades now, she’s a living legend and one of Hollywood’s hardest working women. If Jenny from the Block would visit the Life Ball the whole world would watch along!


7) Laverne Cox: The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actress was the break out star of the show! Her undoubtable eloquence made her a spokesperson for transgender issues plus making sure that the T in the LGBT doesn’t stay silent. Among many other people she’s the reason why speaking publicly about problems like hate crimes and stigmatisation among our society towards trans people are taken seriously, making sure her and the  voice of fellow trans people are heard. She seems to be the most wellspoken, reflected and fearless person when it comes to discussing topics like tolerance and empowerment of women and I’m sure she’d take the Life Ball stage over by storm!


8) Tyra Banks: You know I love Tyra, but that ain’t the only reason why I want to see her attending the Life Ball. The queen of smizing isn’t just a gorgeous supermodel, but an unstoppable force in the entertainment industry and creator of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. The successful format has it’s own show in I don’t know how many different countries now and is a huge success around the world. With her mission to expand the definition of beauty, Tyra Banks made headlines back in 2008 for inviting a transwoman named Isis King to participate in the modeling contest. Other than that Tyra knows what it’s like to have to overcome obstacles just because of your skin color, so she knows exacly how it feels like to have to fight for your rights. Watch her talking about her story and the adversities she had to face in order to become a top model! In my opinion Tyra Banks would be the most beautiful and fierce addition to the list of celebrities attending the Life Ball.


9) Angelina Jolie: As many people might not know and I learned through my research that Angelina Jolie identifies as bisexual. The ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ bombshell is now married to Brad Pitt who she has six children with. In my opinion I think Angelina who’s also a commited humaitarian would bring a total glam factor to the already gamorous event and be a super interesting celeb to talk to in terms of identiy, diversity and tolerance, don’t you agree? Watch her emotional speech against sexual violence!


10) Cara Delevigne: It’s almost like where there’s Cara there are the cameras! I think that Cara would make the perfect guest to attend the Life Ball, she’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s a model, and she doesn’t give a fuck about what other people think of her or about who she’s dating! With her quirky and bubbly personality the supermodel is not a stranger to the entertainment industry. Her friendslist reads like the who is who of Hollywood. She loves hanging out with her girls Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Other than that she also caused controversy with her former relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez. As far as I’m concerned there’s no good party without Cara, so I’d love to see her having a good time at the Life Ball!


So what do you guys think of my celebrity choices for the Life Ball? Or do you even think that celebs should be invited at all? Share your opinion with me in the comments below!









You’re nobody until you’re talked about

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Cara Delevigne

Well it seems like Lonely Boy was right all along the way. “You’re nobody until you’re talked about” – it was Gossip Girl’s catchphrase that got us hooked in the fist place and apparently with that phrase they pretty much hit the nail right on the head and predicted the whole future for the entertainment industry.

Welcome to 2015!

And to translate this catchphrase into 2015 I’d go even further and say “You’re nobody until you’re talked about on social media”. And why’s that? Good question! If you ask me companies and marketing experts use social media as a popularity barometer estimating how successful their project can be. They assume that with booking Cara Delevigne for a job they automatically booked a potential 12 million instagram audience that follows her. And with that they’re hoping for a major online response in likes, shares or whatever social media love they aim to achieve.

Let’s talk about it!

Recently a friend of mine shared this NYPost article that discusses exactly the difficulty of booking social media queens like Cara, Kendall or Gigi for major modelling jobs and excluding all models from getting jobs that have a lower follower number than 10 000. Can you imagine that? I mean in what kinda twisted world do we live in? And before you go and say, they’re experts they know what they’re doing or more power to them, I’m gonna share my point of view with you in a list of five reasons why I think that this is nothing but a huge mess!

1) Quantity before quality: Just because Kendall Jenner has a followship of over 25 million on instagram doesn’t make her a good model in the first place. Just because she’s able to reach a larger audience than a less known model doesn’t mean that she photographs well. I’m not saying that Kendall is a bad model – in my opinion she’s not the best either – but all I’m saying is that there’s no correlation between modelling skills and the number of social media followership. I mean if she’s a good model and happens to have a large audience on social media, that’s fine too, but please don’t just book any model just because of her social media reputation!

2) Modelling is a craft! When will people realize that? Why is acting, ballet and dancing so well respected, but modeling isn’t? Why is the social perception of modeling so far apart from what it really is? I know so many people who think modeling is just about being pretty in front of a camera. Little do they know that modeling is acutually a skill, something that you have to learn, because it’s kind of a performance art that is getting caputured by a photographer in the right moment. And having lots of instagram followers teaches you nothing about that.

3) Relevance! What google realized years ago, is that quantity doesn’t say anything about relevance. Meaning just because Kendall has a huge followership, doesn’t automatically mean that they’re relevant for my brand or my company. Google realized that relevance is the key to success, it’s about targeting people who are really interested in my brand and what it stands for. That’s way more important than reaching a lot of people, because they might be all not in my core target group.

4) What about Kate? Kate Moss doesn’t even have instagram and Claudia Schiffer has a followership of just 58k. Does this make them bad models? According to the current booking strategies I guess it does! But isn’t it sometimes also the misteriousness that makes Kate so special? Honestly, I’m really glad that Kate Moss doesn’t have instagram, because I don’t wanna know what Kate had for breakfast or if she went for a run or is sitting in the bathtub! So you go Kate and stay off instagram otherwise you’d totally lose your mystic charme!

5) Hello adversites! I mean isn’t modeling also about challenging the viewer’s eyes in terms of what is beautiful? Isn’t it the duty of an editor or a designer or photographer to find that one model that suits perfectly into their vision to complete the whole picture? And how hard will it be for newcomer models to enter this already highly competitve market if they’re nobody unless they have over a 10 000 followership? So I guess by now you’re able to see the consequences. Already established models with a high number of social media followers will get even more gigs and new unknown models will have to face even harder adversities to enter this industry.

Anyway, that’s just my oppinion on that rediculous 10k discussion in the modeling industry. What a sad world that we live in, that you’re literally nobody until you’re somebody on instagram!

What do you think about this mess? Let me know in the comments below!

Meet the jewellery designer CHACA

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CHACA JEWELRY 121424667_RGBAt the intersection of what the modern boys and girls need and what they want their appealing to express, there’s CHACA. Designed by Danish native Chaca her wearable art pieces bridge the gap between gender and individual style with edgy-sexy-cool looks. With a design aesthetic influenced by geometric shapes, Chaca infuses the collection with exactly the right balance between of-the-moment-fashion and a true sense of style. Chaca’s work has been featured on leading fashion magazine covers like Schön! magazine or L’officiel Hommes Thailand. And since I’m in love with Chaca’s fierce and daring designs, I decided to introduce her and her art to you guys and chatted with her  straight after she came back from Paris Fashion Week!


So you just came back from Paris Chaca! How was it and what did you do there?

Paris was amazing! The weather was like during a summer holiday and I gained a lot of good feedback regarding my new collection. I was exhibiting for the first time at Premiere Classe.

There I had the chance to meet a lot of new fashion buyers and other very interesting designers.


What goals did you set for your Paris trip and did you accomplish them?

My main goal for my trip to Paris was to expand my stockist list and to meet new people in the industry. I also went there to personally present my new collection to a wider audience than I normally do e.g. in Berlin or Copenhagen.


Did you get the chance to go to a show or some parties? Would you share some of the nicest experiences from your Paris trip with us?

I was very busy during the whole period, however I managed to go out and eat a couple of nice dinners with my sales agent. Paris is full of amazing places to eat and we discovered this very nice place called Frenchie where they serve extremely delicious food and wine. My dad is a chef so of course he had provided me with a list of Bitros from Saveur magazine, Thank you dad :)!

However I must admit that I ended up at the Kenzo party in some dirty Parisian basement.


Over the years you’ve developed a very distinctive style when it comes to your designs! Can you share your inspiration with us?

My inspiration comes from my fascination with different themes like ninjas and samurais. Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to be a ninja!

I was often rolling around on the floor pretending that I was doing all sorts of ninja moves. I would still somehow like to be a ninja so I guess this is one of the reasons that I use a lot of these elements in my style. I also have a great fascination for Samurais that developed into a collection of ninja and samurai warrior wear, where I designed weapons accompanied by a matching necklaces, making the wearer both looking good and being prepared for combat.

On the other hand I also like the world of Hip Hop and rappers. The thought of being surrounded by bling like gold chains and grillz is really fascinating to me.

In my latest collection Lockdown I used inspiration from Bondage but mixing it with a very playful attitude. It’s inspired by the the work of  the Japanese photographer Araki.


When did you decide that you want to have a career in jewellery design?

I have been making jewellery and accessories almost my whole life. When I was around 7 I made these really beautiful tiaras from small sparkly glass beads, which I was selling to this very stylish fashion shop.

I then took a break from making jewellery when I was a rebel little teen, but I really missed it and started studying to become a goldsmith when I was around 19 years old.


In the pictures we see a man and a woman wearing very similar necklaces. Do you intend to create designs for all gender?

Yes, all of my pieces are unisex. I think that it is up to the wearer to decide if it is something that fits his or her style. Gender is something, which I think is way too defined in our society today.


Tell me about the bag and the backpack that you’ve helped to design? How did this collaboration happen?

The bag is collaboration between the concept store École in Berlin, French haute couture hair stylist Charlie Le Mindu and me.

École stands behind the making of the actual bag, Charlie is the creator of the hair attachments and I have designed the jewellery attachments that transform the bag into its many ways of being worn. The outcome of the collaboration is a metamorphosis of harness-inspired jewellery, real human hair, leather and neoprene. Pearls and polished gold clasp accents are combined with dark and sleek style and with an air of playfulness.

You can say, that the borders between fashion, jewellery and art are pretty much erased. The result is a streamlined transformable bag, otherworldly yet functional.


As a jewellery designer as for every designer it’s very important to get your work represented in the media, in print as well as online and in (online) stores. What’s the most important steps to get your design out there? Do you have a strategy?

That’s a tough one 🙂 – ­Networking­!

Hmm well sadly the strategy all comes down to how much money you have. I mean you can do a lot of press yourself through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, however if you want to gain real beneficial press in well known and respected magazines you kind of have to join in with a well known PR agency if you do not have all the contacts yourself. That can be very expensive. It’s a whole job in itself to do PR, so if you want to really concentrate on working on your designs and developing your ideas I would recommend to have somebody doing it for you. I work both with an agency in London called The December Agency who also represents a lot of other very interesting brands and in Copenhagen Freifeldt Public Relations.

Then there is the whole new or maybe not so new anymore wave of bloggers, who have a huge impact in terms of representing designers online.

If your design is good enough it should speak for itself. So patience is another important keyword speaking in terms of strategy.


What goals did you set for your brand in the future?

Im learning 3D drawing the at the moment, as I would like to take my designs to the next level. I have for a long time been very fascinated by all the new technology which is popping up all the time.

I am also working on a wearable technology project which I still can’t talk that much about, I got some exciting wearable technology in the pipeline .

I find the hole new wave of wearable technology is what you will see from me soon.

CHACA-TECH is  coming up with great corporations.


Would you consider your design as typical Danish?

Even though I’m Danish I have not been living in Denmark for the last 8 year. I’m surrounded by many different cultures that all influences me. I would say that my designs are very typical CHACA, which is the land that I live in. With that in mind I would not classify my designs by the border of a certain country.


Jewellery can as well as clothing be seen as nonverbal communication. If your jewellery could talk, what do you want it to say?

Maybe it’s for the best that my jewellery can’t talk. So far I think that my collections went from saying something like: “YO-Motherfucker” to “Fuck Me”.


What are the trends in jewellery design right now? Or is that even something you think about?

Hmm… not really……

However what interests me or maybe I should say fascinates me at the moment is wearable technology and pieces that can be transformed by the wearer after its need, or mood of the day.

In the society that we live in today everything is moving mad fast and everything has to be extremely sufficient. There are not that many people who take their time to wear jewellery, however if it’s a piece combined with technology that has a function that will smoothen some kind of problem in your life. Then I think that it is something that is trendy in my eye!


That’s very clever to not only emphasise the aesthetics but also the usability and functionality! Let’s talk about social media! Nowadays social media is more important than ever! Which social media outlets do you use? And most importantly where can we buy your jewellery?

I use facebook and instagram as social media outlets, even though I wish that I could say that I didn’t use any of that kind of outlets. I find it rather strange to make post about my work on a social media platform. You can buy my jewellery on my website as well as other matching concept stores.