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The queen of Christmas is back! This very festive Christmas special is for everyone who’s still not in Christmas mode yet, or loves Christmas songs or just loves Mariah Carey!

There’s not much left to say other than to wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays with your beloved ones and just a wonderful time wherever you are!

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There’s no doubt about that Adele is one of the most talked about artists at the moment. Her song “Hello” skyrocketed around the world setting the bar really high for other artists to follow up. By now I’ve heard the record breaking smash hit so many times to a point where I don’t listen to it intentionally anymore, but having said that it still makes me happy if I’m at random places and the song is being played there.

However I’d have to say, I never really took out the time to figure out what kind of person is behind that British pop phenomenon that speaks to multiple generations. And after I watched the following interview I really have to say that it’s so refreshing to see that she doesn’t take herself too seriously as many of her pals in this industrie do.

Adele is known for living a quite private life, not giving too much away about herself in order to maintain her privacy, which is a good thing in my opinion. The list of names who didn’t know how to cope with fame is endless, some of them met the wrong people, were involved with drug abuse, or their career took a downward spiral for some other reason.

Fame won’t last forever

That’s what Adele says in this very interesting interview and I think she’s absolutely right. Her carrer might reach a point where people are just sick of her, stop buying her music for whatever reason and the challenge for her is going to be to be able to deal with this situation and be okay with it. But I’m convinced that having these thoughts in your mind while being at the peak of your career makes you a lot more appreciative of what you have right now.

Anyway let “Slaydele” charm you with her British humour! Roll it!

Here’s another in depth gem that sums up Adele’s story quite perfect. And you know how much I love in depth portraits, right? Enjoy!

30 minutes of Adele realness

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I love the feeling when I stumble upon things that don’t make sense at all when you first see them, but when you have a closer look it all comes together. To be honest with you, Billboard’s choice for woman of the year 2015 was exactly that kinda moment and the fact they chose Lady Gaga really surprised me. I was like “Lady Gaga? Really?” Out of all the females that dominated pop music this year they chose Lady Gaga to be this year’s winner. I mean there could have been plenty of other female performers who ruled this year, for example Taylor Swift with her 1989 album or Katy Perry who was recently announced to be the highest paid female artist in 2015 by Forbes Magazine.

But Lady Gaga seemed to be the most random choice to me and I didn’t understand it until I saw her performance followed up by a moving speech about the music industry. Take a look and then we’ll continue talking!

Wow, what a performance and what a speech! And what a woman! I’m gonna be honest with you, I did have my problems with Lady Gaga since I really questioned her authenticity in the things she was talking about, the way she carried herself – which was kinda desperate for attention at some point, but I’ve changed my mind after I saw what she just did on stage!

This girl really had a tough time and it’s true, almost the whole pop music industry turned their back on her after her highly anticipated album Art Pop wasn’t as successful as expected, people were writing her off, me included. And if you asked me Lady Gaga truely redeemed herself with this performance and proved to everyone who was in doubt about her potential as a performer and singer wrong. And that brings me to my next point that really struck me: her perseverance! Man, think about it! This girl truely was written off by almost everybody, Miley came along and took over Gaga’s crazy outfit signature style in a heartbeat. Nowadays we’re only talking about Adele and how she’s breaking all the records to be broken and nobody seemed to care about Gaga anymore.

But I truely respect the fact that Billboard brings back the light to Gaga who’s a true fighter, has perseverance like nobody else and that to me deserves to be honored and to be talked about. I can not imagine how tough it must be to be celebrated at one point and being dropped by almost everybody in the next minute.

For the first time in a very long time I thought of her performance as well as her speech both being very authentic and genuine. I’m convinced that people were missing that about her and I’m happy for her that she seems to be in a place were things are starting to fall into place again, or shall I say I’m sure she worked her behind off to be taken seriously again.

What’s your take on that? Have you always been a Gaga fan? Are you impressed with her performance? And do you agree with Billboard’s choice to honor Lady Gaga for woman of the year? Sound off in the comments section and share your point of view on that matter with me.

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… that was the question that instantly popped up in my head when I stumbled acorss this youtube video! Not only did the “Sound of 2015″ winners took on Drakes smash hit, but they also meshed it with Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and a new song was born: The Horse Bling!

Listen to the song and tell me what you think about it!


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You know how it is with Miley Cyrus. You just never know what you’re gonna get, because this young lady is full of surprises. Once you think you know what she’s all about, she immediately pulls a rabbit out of her hat and delivers you the most unexpected thing ever. And I’m talking about things like dropping her new album “Miley Cyrus & her dead Petz” to download for free.

But you know, if you ask me that totally fits her brand, because she’s all about being unexpected. And just because the album is for free, doesn’t mean she didn’t put a lot of effort into it. I catch myself listening to the whole album like several times a week since it came out and I don’t ever get sick of the music. Not only does Miley show off her vocal talent, listening to her songs literally takes me to another place. Anyway, I can only recommend to give her album a try, because it’s really worth it.


So yesterday was the day she decided to release her kaleidoscope-esque music video to her single “Lighter” on her facebook page. It’s a little weird, but that’s just who she is as a person I guess and after a minute or so it kinda get’s hard to look at the screen since it’s so colorful, that it’s almost too much to handle. Anyway, take a look and judge for yourselves. But having said that, I have to mention that the song is really good and kinda reminds me of a peaceful pop ballad from the eighties, back then where everything seemed to be alright.

So what do you all think of the song and the video to “Lighter”? Sound off in the comments section and let me know what you think!



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Hello! How are you?

No, I’m not talking about you Lionel Richie, I’m was trying to make a reference to Adele’s “Hello” and one of my favourite November tunes! (Poor Lionel Ritchie! He probably hears all these bad jokes everyday at the moment). Since it’s getting ranier and colder outside, Adele serves you the best music to reflect over an exhausting day in school or from work and to enjoy your evening with a cup of hot lemonade. Well at least that’s what I’m doing. Anyway, I gotta say that I wasn’t too conviced about the song when I heard it first. But once I picked up the chorus, it wouldn’t get out of my head. And I mean it in the best way!

And since because it was just a matter of time that youtube’s singing birds would get creative and upload their very own rendition, I stumbled upon some very impressive covers. By all means, I’m not saying that any of them are better than the original, but just in case you’re in the mood for a slightly different version of the song, you can click through theses videos!

Apparently the internet went crazy over this korean girl who covered the song a couple of days ago and the video instantly went viral. It’s not my favourite cover of all time but it the internet’s favourite one. Kudos to you girl!


Leroy Sanchez is already a big youtube star and with his cover he once more proved why! In my my opinion he’s slaying the chorus and his range is really impressive. Take a look


This guy sings from the top of his lungs! He is killing the song from the first second on and you instatly know that it’s gonna be a good cover! Check it out!


If Adele and Beyoncé had a love child, it’ll porbably look and sound like Jade Nova. With her unique rendition she manages to make the song her own and even surprises us with a little medly towards the end. Also her runs are just beyond!


Ebony Day gifts us with a super cute cover. Seeing her in this parking block I just want to hand this girl a blanket and give a cup of hot tea. It’s very believable and honest, that’s what I like about it!


Now this might be my favourite cover, just because his voice must be from somewhere else. The R’n’B legend Joe is obviously nailing every tone. But the best part of it is that with the way he pronounces the lyrics, he takes you on a journey. Like Adele, he’s telling a story and at the end of the day this is what it’s all about!


So now it’s you turn, let me know in the comments about your favourite cover! Sound off and share your opinion with me. Until then, talk to you soon!




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Watch James Bay performing on Ellen

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Remember when I introduced you guys to James Bay? Back then I predicted a great music career for the British singer songwriter and it seems like I wasn’t wrong after all. To read the article head over to this link ‘Will James Bay be the biggest shooting star in music this year

“Six months ago, I heard a song on the radio. And I’ve been trying to get this guy here ever since,” Ellen enthusiatically introduced Bay to her viewers. And once you made it to Ellen it’s just a matter of time when global domination will follow. On the one hand it’s obviously a huge step for the British singer to reach such a mass audience career-wise, on the other hand small and intimate gigs will surely becoming a rare thing. 

Anyway, go ahead and watch James Bay’s great performance on Ellen! Roll it! 


Jessie J Duets With Fans On YouTube

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Jessie J continues being one of the cutest in the biz by filming a version of her latest mega hit “Flashlight” where her fans can duet with their idol.

The singer prerecorded a version of her song in which she left out some lines and her fans were able to add their very personal version to the song. We all know that the British pop sensation has pipes like nobody else, but giving her fans the opportunity to sing along with her makes her even more likable.

And guess what, some of these duets even went viral and gained thousands of clicks within days! Take a look at some of the most heartwarming perfomances.

So what did you guys think of these duets? And if you had to pick one, which would you say is your favorite? I can’t pick I just love all of them.

Sia is Dreaming of California

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It wasn’t long ago when no one knew who Sia was, and now who doesn’t know who she is. I think the first time I took notice of the singer songwriter was when I came across the sad but beautiful track “Breathe me”  like two years ago. After that she became more and more famous as it turned out that Sia was the master mind behind so many of Rihanna’s hits, for example “Diamonds” or “Stay”.

Since then Sia has established her own career and is a regular in the charts. With her new song, a cover of the classic “California Dreaming” the singer who doesn’t really like to show her face in public proved yet again that she can sing anything. By the way, the track is part of the soundtrack to the catastrophy blockbuster “San Andreas”. Sia, your voice is mesmerizing and we really can’t get enough of it!

Don’t Dream It’s Over!

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As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was Miley Cyrus career. But we know good things are worth waiting for. Some might know the pop sensation from her former role as Hanna Montana and others got wind of her twerking skills and riding the wreckingball in 2013. Either way it’s a matter of fact that Miley established her name in the music industry. 

The Happy Hippie Foundation

It wan’t until yesterday that I really paid attention to Miley Cyrus’ “Happy Hippie Foundation“. I’ve heard the name before, but I’ve just learned what it was about. Sometimes I really kind of want to crawl into her mind, to witness how her ideas come about, what she spies on her travels and how thoughts make their way into her songs or why she’s initiating a foundation like this. It all becomes clear when we hear her talk. Take a look!

Words to live by. I am inspired by her risk taking personality, her unapologetic attitude, her sense of humor and her commitment to integrity. In fact Miley really came a long way to the strong and indpendent wormen that she became today.

Don’t dream it’s over

Yesterday Miley posted this beautiful cover of the classic from 1986 “Don’t dream it’s over” featuring angel voice Ariana Grande as part of her backyard sessions. In this video I think you can really tell how much Miley enjoys to sing and Arana’s silky voice is really impressive! Together they’re celebrating their love for music while raising awareness for a good cause. Since I personally have a strong sense of justice myself I really appreciate the fact that Miley’s making her weight felt supporting deprived communities.

To me Miley Cyrus now represents a lot more than just a twerking girl. She embodies many admirable qualities and is not afraid to talk about them. And with her duett with Ariana she not only proved once in for all that she can really sing, above that she defined her position as a voice for a modern age generation.