Mad Max – Whitness the Madness

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I live. I die. I live again! #MadMax #NowPlaying

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With a crazy trailer packed with cars, explosions and a high profile cast, Mad Max has been a highly anticipated movie, not only for people who knew the action movies with Mel Gibson as the lead character. “Mad Max – Fury Road” is the perfect blockbuster preparing us for the big movie summer! The special effects and the action are very realistic and there’s barely a minute where your hands aren’t sweaty because one action scene is chasing another. In the fourth and newest part Tom Hardy took over the reigns from Gibson. Together with Charlize Theron, who plays the tough Furiosa, they’re fighting against the bad guys. In my opinion I’d totally give the movie a go because director George Miller has done a great job contemporizing the movie and still make it appear timeless at the same time. There are no annoying product placement ads and once the film starts you’re really drawn into the story. My only point of critisism would be that I was missing a little more depth in all the different characters.


Long live the road warrior! #MadMax

Ein von @madmaxmovie gepostetes Foto am

By the way I love that Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Abby Lee are starring in the movie as well. I’ve actually asked myself a several times where Abby Lee was and what she was doing since she’s been such a celebrated model in the fashion world some years ago and then she literally disappeared.

Anyway, I’m curious about your opinion. Will you go and see the science fiction action drama? Or did you already watch it? Get real with me in the comment section, and don’t miss out on more stories like this in the future by giving a like on FACEBOOK!

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