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So far, I’ve put the focus into exploring the new work and stories of incredible fashion designers like Tina Elisabeth Reiter, talented photographers like Stela Alves or gifted jewellery designers like Inna Nechyporenko or CHACA and many more.

But what about movies? I want to be a representation of all kinds of fascinating crafts from all over the world. I see it in every artisan’s work that I feature here on the blog.


Having said that, I’m super proud to introduce you to the very talented painter and movie director Kevin Kopacka! The Berlin based artist just came back from the Cannes Film Festival, so we had a lot to talk about. I caught up with the multitalented artist and he spilled all the details on his new movie ‘Hades‘ that celebrated its premiere at the prestigious festival, we talked about realizing greater self-awareness and developing selfconfidence and we chatted about his childhood! 

What’s your first memorable childhood experience that you had with a movie? 

I was always fascinated by horror films as a kid, but was of course never allowed to watch them. I had to settle for just seeing pictures and imagining the rest (which sometimes was probably more disturbing than the actual movies)

The closest we were allowed to watch was “The Goonies”, which at least featured dead bodies, Sloth, mobsters, “boobie traps” and lots of skeletons. It’s still one of my favorite movies.


If your life was a movie what would be the title and what would it be about? And how would it end?

The plot and title would probably be in constant change, so I can only answer from my viewpoint right now. Right now it would be titled: “Future Proof”. It would probably end with me disappearing into a parallel universe.

What’s the biggest misconception about you that you want to clarify here and now once in for all? 

I didn’t partake in an exorcism at age 12 – at least not that I can remember.

Who’s your favourite movie director and why?

Always hard to answer. I enjoy many directors for different reasons, but generally for staying true to themselves, constantly evolving and for constantly expanding their unique universes. In terms of longevity, I’ve always been a great admirer of David Cronenberg and Richard Linklater. For different reasons, I also really like Alain Resnais, Lucio Fulci, John Carpenter, Stuart Gordon, Michele Soavi, Gaspard Noé – the list is endless.


You’ve studied art, but you’ve also written songs, shot a video for it and “Hades” is your 4th movie! In my opinion we live in a time where many people have to stick with things one can do best, but you seem to be pretty fearless in all the things you choose to do. Where did you find the confidence in trying things out and have you always been like that? 

It’s not necessarily something I do on purpose. I guess I just feel restricted in one medium and I enjoy the idea of telling stories or creating atmospheres in all the forms I know how to. It’s an incredibly luxurious thing, to be able to do everything I want to do, and I’m very grateful for that.

I also think that it’s part of our “self-fulfillment” generation, where nobody wants to be restricted to one thing.

Now – but even more in the future –  an artist won’t stick to a medium and will instead work in a lot of different fields. Partly also, because it will be necessary.


Your movie Hades has been featured at Cannes Film Festival! That’s a great achievement, congratulations! How did that come about?

Thank you. I submitted it for the festival and it was accepted. I just got back from the Cannes Festival and it was an amazing experience!

Yeah I bet it was. Can you tell me what was it like to be a part of one most prestigious film festivals on the planet?

It’s hard to put it in words. It was a very unique experience. I went together with H.k. DeWitt and we had a great time. The city really transforms during the festival and it’s a bit intense. Very hectic, but still relaxing – and of course a lot of beautiful people everywhere! Though I must admit, I didn’t really see any movies, it was more of a business trip. I spent most time in the different pavilions or workshops, getting to know other directors, distributors, producers etc. which we invited to a private screening, which turned out very nice. Everything felt really adrenaline fueled – but in a positive way. And of course the evening was a great time to get drunk together on good wine and watch the sun set over the beaches.

Without giving away too much, can you tell us a little bit about the movie?

It’s an experimental short film, that is 15 minutes long. It’s completely without dialogue and only works with sound and music. Basically it tells two forms of stories. A woman wakes up in a stranger’s bed. The relaxing sound of a shower in the background soothes her back to sleep. When she awakes again, she’s caught in a dream world. As she walks down the surreal structure of the house, she sees glimpses of a stranger, that she feels a connection to.

The second layer of the story is, that each of the rooms or corridors she walks through represents one of the five rivers of Hades. She has to pass through all of them to reach her own personal hell.


Do you have any other things coming up in the future that you want to share with us? 

There are some things coming up. One is a concept for a 4 part (or hopefully longer) series, which deals with reality shifts. It will be about different occurrences all on the same day but with different subtle shifts. Some episodes will be a bit scarier, others more dreamy of humorous. We’ll see.

Then there is also the plan of doing a prequel to “HADES”. H.K. deWitt is currently working on it and it will be very different thematically, but hopefully just as atmospheric.

And lastly there is one project very dear to my heart. It’s a very personal story, so I’d rather not tell too much about it just yet.

On which social media outlets can we follow you?

Thanks for the great questions. Here are some places you can find me: for all updates on HADES

Watch the trailer for Hades! Hit it!

HADES – Official Trailer from Kevin Kopacka on Vimeo.

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    Very inspiring and the trailer looks amazing!!

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      Yeah thank you for the comment, it’s so well edited and cinematography is super impressive!

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    What a hot guy! 🙂

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