San Andreas – Watch or Pass?

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So where do I get started with this one? I don’t even know, so just watch the trailer and then we’ll continue talking! Roll it!

Looks good right? I thought so too and watched the movie, but let me tell you something: If the saying, ‘Don’t juge a book by its cover’ existed for movies, it would be something like ‘Don’t juge a movie by its trailer’, right? As fantastic, realistic and phenomenal all the special effects are, as bad, tacky and boring are the dialogues in this natural catastrophy drama. They are bad to an extent that you’ll probably can’t help bursting out laughing, even though you’re not supposed to, but these actors will be giving you a hard time taking the situation seriously and stay focused on the story.

Dwayne Johnson is playing the lead character and comes off really likable but dispite the fact that they were trying to add depth to the story, it still isn’t captivating enough to be rooting for Johnson after a while. The bottom line is, if you’re really into breathtaking special effects and don’t care too much about a back-story then you’re good to go watching “San Andreas”, but if you’re not willing to spend your money on flat dialogues, explosions and patriotism then this movie is probably nothing for you.

If you’re curious about the song in the trailer, head over to this article and listen to the full version of Sia’s cover of “California Dreaming”! That’s all and thanks for reading!

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