Ariana Grande is an impressive Celine Dion impersonator

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First things first: I’m not the biggest fan of Ariana Grande and her music, but this little video of her impersonating the legendary Celine Dion is kinda funny, so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Side note, I wish Jimmy Fallon would stop being so self-involved with his singing and just let Ariana show off her talent! Please! And yes, I thought it was funny the first time I heard him singing, but by now I guess we reached the tipping point were we’re all aware of that he’s not a good, not a bad, but a mediocre singer. Secondly, I wished that they’d chosen a song she knew the lyrics to, because it would have made her performance even more enjoyable, since Celine is also known for her unique pronounciation of her lyrics.

Is it just me or do you agree with me? Anyway, enjoy watching the video! Roll it!

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