Beauty is diverse

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Thanks to my friend Jen who sent me this article from Time Magazine earlier that day, I learned about the story of Ashley Graham and her very inspiring journey of self acceptance, self appreciation and empowerment. Ashley is working as a model, but she doesn’t look like your typical skinny and slender runway model, she happens to be bigger like other girls in her profession. In her speech she’s educating people about why labeling her as a plus size model has an alienating effect on her and other girls who look like her.

With having another body type in this industry comes a lot of adversities that Ashley has to face on her daily basis. With that comes people telling her that she’ll never land on a magazine cover or be photographed in Sports Illustrated. Eventually the highly determined model proved her haters wrong and landed various editorials, one happened to be in Sports Illustrated and graced multiple magazine covers. But most importantly she managed to overcome her obstacles by loving herself the way she is.

To me Ashley Graham is one brave woman, who is the living proof that the fashion industry is promoting a very narrow representation of what is beautiful and discriminates against other body types, putting women all over the world under unbearable pressure in order to follow up this almost unattainable definition of what is widely considered as beautiful. With Ashley Graham coming forward and genuinely sharing her thoughts about this industry and telling people about what she had to overcome she is pushing the dialogue further in a direction of acceptance and showing people that beauty is diverse. Other than that she’s also explaining power of words and what we as a society can do to deconstruct the narrowness of this industry and expand the definiton of what we consider to be beautiful.

Take a look!

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