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Today we’re talking about online reputation and strategies on how you can improve your digital mirror. As it goes for real life situations companies and people of public interest have to be aware of their brand and what values the public opinion associates them with. And based on that it can improve or harm your business in a big way. Since Social Media’s takeover terms like shitstorm, virality, likes, reaches, content marketing, advertorials, sponsored posts and facebook algorithm are things some of us should be dealing with on the daily basis, but many companies struggle to juggle all that on top of their everyday business tasks. And that’s exactly the moment where my friend Iwona Laub sees her chance to get involved. And Iwona is not just the next best person who randomly promises to elevate your online reputation, there’s so much more to her. Let’s break it down!

Born to solve problems

Iwona never shyed away from solving a problem. If I had to discribe her digital branding advising company in three words it would be business, boldness and badassery. So why is that? Because Iwona Laub has always been a big thinker who never let herself be limited by others and was always eager to combine her ideas with her strong business sence. Iwona Laub is one of the boldest people I came accross. With her internalized unapologetic attitude she’s got the talent to win people over. And on top of all that comes her badassery and I’m telling you that Iwona’s my kinda friend because she says it like she means it, straight no chaser!

So not long ago I sat down with Iwona Laub to ask her some questions on about how she’s decided to enter the online communication and branding bizz!

Let’s get right into it, you’re about to start your own business as a self employed digital brand advisor. For people who have no idea about what that is, can you explain your new profession and who do you advise?

Basically I am helping companies and start-ups to improve their online repuation, meaning, not only do I help them to improve their Social Media apparences and  its content, I also advise them when the shit hit the fan. I establish a crisis plan and various methods on how to deal with bad comments. On the other hand I am also helping them to connect with social influencers.

How did you even come up with the idea to go into that direction businesswise? What’s your professional background?

I have been working in Social Media for a while and then I have been writing for a newspaper. In this time I was only the observer of what was happening. In my maternity leave I decided to go back to my roots and be creative again. I came to the conclusion that I cannot be the observer, because I’m a creator. I want to be part of a creative process and it’s important to me to help people changing the way they see their own brand.

As you mentioned before one of your services that you offer is helping companies, bloggers and brands to deal with shitstorms. How would you define this term and what kind of strategies are there to work against that dynamic?

This service is to be understood as an acute and urgent service. Sometimes companies are not very well when it comes to dealing with negative sentiment. The strategies are different and cannot be explained in a few words. It really depends on the company, the brand, the branch they are in and also on the people working for the company. There are a lot of things to be considered before deciding what to do. Usually this needs to be done pretty fast, because in times of Social Media the customer and user is used to get a fast response to everything. This is a challenge, but it is what I consider myself to be good at.

Is there a way to avoid shitstorms in the first place?

No. I mean, of course there are things to avoid, but nevertheless it can happen to anyone. Ther is only risk minimization, but not an avoidance strategy.

If you think about it, what is it about that field that interests you the most? What is it that you’re really passionate about when it comes to communication brands and digital reputation?

I really love to solve problems. I think of myself as a “fixer”. I want to be someone who people call to fix things when they are about to get broken. The most interesting thing is to see how incapable of acting people become when they don’t know what to do. They have to make decisions and I help them to make those decisions.

Do you have any advice for upcoming bloggers hwo to enter this oversaturated market and you know how to develop a strategie that makes you get noticed in a positive way?

I think the most important thing to consider before starting a blog is not how to become famous or important. It’s about passion and to me it comes down to two important questions: What do you love and why should people care about what you have to say? If you ahve the feeling that your topic is relevant – no matter what it is – then you’re good to go. Ther is no strategy, you have to find your own path. That’s why I also help people with blogs and try to find a way that suits for sharing their unique content – whether it is a politician, a journalist or a blogger.

Why do you think it is important that companies and people in general start paying more attention to their online repuation?

Some things go down almost unnoticed and people will forget about certain things. But those who know about it, will always remember it. And they won’t remember that you did something wrong. They will remember what you did to make it okay again, how you were reacting to negativity and how you dealt with stressful situations. So of course a company should have a plan, a strategy and a philosophy behind dealing with reputation – the good or the bad. I consider it as an investment for their future.

So let’s say I got a problem and I’m looking for help. I stumble accross your website and see that your services include exactly what I was searching for. What’s the next step?

You can contact me either via e-mail ( or you can just call me, my number is also to be found on the website. If it’s urgent, a call is the better way, but I am reading my emails pretty frequently during the day and I can call you back as soon as possible. I am also on Facebook and Twitter, if that’s your preferred way to communicate.

Picture by Tony Gigov

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