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Hey y’all! So Tyra Banks is officially returning to daytime television with a show called FABLife, starting September 14th and guys I’ve gotta tell you that I’m already obsessed with it. I thought I was excited about the new America’s Next Top Model cycle to come back to its 22nd season, but this show sounds literally like a lot of fun!

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So here’s the details: The show is going to be kinda like a mentoring show on how you can improve your life in different sectors in terms of lifestyle. There’s gonna be Joe Zee who will talk about fashion, giving styling advices on how to be dressed well quick and easy. Also, I’m excited about seeing Chrissy Teigen, John Legends wife and supermodel herself, chatting about cooking. Then there’s gonna be a woman who’s an expert on interior and another woman who’s also a youtuber talking everything about DIY – do it yourself kinda stuff. And of course Tyra Banks is starring as a host and executive producer of the show talking about beauty, booty and business as she would say it.


The power of Tyra

When it comes to building up a brand or better said a world wide empire in the entertainment industry, there’s just nobody who does it like Tyra! I mean her show America’s Next Top model which is an internationally successful format has surpassed American Idol which is coming to it’s last season this year. Anyway, with this show Tyra’s coming back to daytime full force with a bunch of experts on her side, I’m pretty sure FABLife is also gonna be a huge success!

If you want to know more about it, just watch the videos below! Enjoy!

Also I love how Tyra takes credits for today’s supermodels like Cara and Karlie. Hail to the queen!

Ugh, I can’t wait for my life to finally be fabulous 😀 I’m definitely gonna be tuning in for September 14th, how about you?



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