Meet the make up artist Nicole Jaritz

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(c) Kemara Pol

Every now and then, a single moment shapes a lifetime. When make up artist Nicole Jaritz was amere 10 years old, she happened to hold an issue of Vogue Magazine in her hands for the very first time — she was so awestruck by the very natural and fresh looking Brooke Sheilds who graced the cover — she knew from there on that she had to work in the industry. By age 18, she went to LA where she persued an education as a make up and hairstylist; and from there, she apprenticed with the world’s most influencial make up artist Pat McGrath who taught her all the impotant basics.

She’s now settled near Vienna, where she from now on only takes on jobs that really matter to her. Nicole’s a mother of two and can look back at a phenomenal career, wich includes works for magazines like British Vogue and i-D magazine and she glamed up A listers like Madonna, Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss. So I met up with the most talented make up artist I know during a shoot on set, documented her getting the models make up ready for the shoot and asked her about her journey and challenges that this industry brings along.

Thanks to Esther Vörösmarty, her assistant, Petra Mennella und Simon Winkelmüller who were also working on set that day! 

(c) Kemara Pol

What makes a good make up artist in your opinion?

Well, as you said, in my opinion it’s somebody who looks at any face and immediately realizes what makes this face beautiful above all and how to underline the essence of that beauty. And most importantly the make up artist has to be able to work together with other creative individuals, to create a look that expresses an all together view and not simply one’s own! It’s all about teamwork!

Who’s your favourite make up artist?

That is very hard to say as there are many great talents out there, right now I would say it’s somebody not super mainstream, like Stephane Maraiswho has been working with Peter Lindbergh for over 20 years, and he for me has the perfect eye what makes somebody beautiful without changing their face! According to me it’s a gift that is losing its importance in nowadays world of perfection.

(c) Kemara Pol

What’s the best and the worst part of working in the fashion industry?

The best part is that you can create, every day again, working with a lot of very different people without having a routine.
The worst – can’t say!

Do you think that the fashion industry and superficiality go hand in hand?

It is hard to throw every body into the same hat, but there is a lot of superficiality because people want to go far quickly.

(c) Kemara Pol

Are you interested in fashion?

Absolutly, it’s one of my main passions, but maybe less in the commercial sense, but more in the direction of art, classic and quality sense.

You’ve been working all over the world. For example in LA, London, Milan and Paris. What’s your favourite city and why?

London without a question. For me it is the place to be myself, to be able to create without being questioned or pushed in one direction. I truly believe London is the only place that is keeping its coolness without becoming super mainstream and commercial.

If you could change 4 things in the fashion industry what would it be?

That would be childlabour, trends, mainstream and greed.

(c) Kemara Pol

On set of a photoshoot you have to work with all kinds of people. How important is it in your opinion that the chemistry of the team is right?

It is the essence of a shoot, hence that’s why most teams try to always work together. Important note: never change a good team!
At the end of the day no one asks who did what, when or why. It only comes down to the picture that will be telling the story, and when everybody works as a team it will be mindblowing!


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