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Over the last couple of years new apps popped up like crazy and I actually have accounts on facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, ello, pinterest and probably some more I don’t even remember now. BUT today I’ve discovered Periscope and to describe it with one word it’s ‘addictive’! I just downloaded it and honestly I’m so hooked. Y’all can follow me at Periscope at @yokemara_com but I haven’t posted anything yet.


What is Periscope?

The bad news is, Periscope is yet another app that you have to add to your many other social media outlets and even worse news, as far as I know it’s only available for iOS and not Android. But the good news is that Pericsope is something I and probably you’ve never seen before. Basically it’s a social media online live streaming device with a chat and a like function.


Good bye for good privacy! 

So as I already mentioned Periscope is a live streaming social media app, that allows you to either broadcast yourself or share your point of view via camera with your followers. It’s strongly connected to twitter, so you log in with your twitter account and from there on you can choose who you want to follow or you can also see who’s streaming live right now and just start streaming whatever channel you chose to watch. As fascinating and exciting as all that sounds, one thing seems to be shrinking with every new app that comes up on the market: privacy. It started with facebook that we’ve let friends and people we know into our homes via pictures and videos. Some of us shared their vacations, their fun nights out, their birthdays and restaurant visits, cooking recepies and sports activities with their so called facebook friends. But it didn’t stop from here and instagram followed and we suddenly even let complete strangers into our lives just for the sake of hashtags and likes. And as soon as snapchat hit the board there comes Periscope and with that your convenient and portable ‘Big Brother’ that allows you to record every step of your life. And I’m not blackpainting everything, all I’m sayin is that we’ve got to be careful with what we’re sharing in order to keep our pride and dignity and not to sell ourselves into anything!


Media competence will be as important as never before

The days where people were dependent on classic media and weren’t able to actively choose their media consumption are way back in the past. And as a result I’m convinced that media competence will be more important than ever before. With social media every user is in a position of a publisher, an edior, a retoucher, a photographer, a filmmaker, a producer, a marketer, an image advisor and so much more! Never before has media competence been so important. Because with those positions comes responsibility not only for your followers but also for yourself. And as entertaining as live TV can be, there are just as many traps that you can walk right into if you aren’t familiar with that genre.

So what’s your take on all these new social media outlets? What social media apps do you use and how do you handle privacy? Is privacy even a thing you worry about or do you just post selfies like there’s no tomorrow? #shameless 😀



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