There are models and there’s Tyra

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Remember the days when models ruled the runways and you could actually identify them by only mentioning their first names? It was the era of the Supers: Linda, Christy, Naomi, Claudia, Kate, Elle, Tatjana and so on … Well, Tyra is definitely one of those models who can call herself a true supermodel. But it was a long and difficult way to accompish her success and it surely didn’t come over night. After deciding not to go to College and persuing modeling as a fulltime job, Tyra Banks went to Paris and worked successfully as a high fashion runway model. But as her body started to change and she became curvier, the model decided to not starve herself and to simply change her career into a whole other direction. And her plans paid off, since Tyra became the first ever black model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine and the rest is history! From then on her career really took off and she managed to make herself a household name not only in fashion but in the whole entertainment industry. This year Sports Illustrated has its 50 years celebration, so it’s about time to look back and see how far Tyra Banks has come since she first appeared on the magazine’s cover in 1996. Take a look! 



If you can’t get enough of Tyra (like me), I can only recommend you guys to watch this E! documentary about Tyra’s career. She takes you on a tour about her life from the very beginning as a school girl to where she’s now, talking about the highs and lows on the way to success including the rivalry that went on with fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell.



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