We love you, Wendy!

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I don’t know about your guilty pleasures but I do know that I desperately want to share one of mine with you guys. I mean, I’m sure everybody of you secretly watches some kind of shows or series where you don’t have to think a lot just lay back and make yourself comfortable on your sofa and just chill.

As far as I know Wendy Williams is not very well known here in Europe and she just celebrated her 1000th show (!!), so I wanted to introduce you all to one of my favourite, sassy, jucy and entertaining American daytime shows of all time! The Wendy Williams Show!

It’s time for Hot Topics! 

Honestly, I barely couldn’t wait until her Christmas braeak for a very long three weeks was finally over, because I’m kinda addicted by now. Actually this show is a daily one hour show, but on her youtube channel I mainly follow up with her most popular category, the Hot Topics! In this section Wendy just fills you in with all the latest gossip and is not shy about it to give her own opinion on who she wants to see dating, getting a divorce etc. Sometimes Wendy can be a little mean but if you get a better grasp of her personality you immediatly forgive her sassy comments because at the end of the day she (hopefully) says the things for the sake of entertainment. And that’s exactly the part why I fell in love with her, but watch for yourselves.

Other than that, you might get to know gossip about a lot of shows or celebrities that you might didn’t know before, so I think it’s just the perfect way to end you day, lay back after a stressful day and see what’s going on in the world of all the celebrities out there.

So shoutout to you Wendy, congratulations on your success of 1000 episodes, I’m looking forward to watch another 1000 aaaand how YOU doin Wendy??




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