American idol has been axed

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American Idol cancelled

It’s the mother of all casting shows, a show that wrote history not only in American television, but around the globe. It’s been the one show that I would think of always being here, that you could always count on because it’s never going away. Remember when I wrote the article about the show whether or not it’s worth watching? Well as I said before it’s very worth watching and knowing that the next season will be the last makes it even more special!

Now it’s official: after 14 years ‘American Idol’ will get cancelled after its 15th season in 2016. It’s a sad day, because I didn’t see it coming. I mean I knew that some of the previous seasons didn’t do so well, but after this season I really thought they were on the right track in terms of rejuvenating the show and making it more current. But it seems like as if it’s been too late and next year Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr will be on their final search for the ultimate American Idol. Sad news!

What do you think about the cancellation? Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments below!

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