Will James Bay be the biggest shooting star in music this year?

'When We Were on Fire' by James Bay - Live at the Burberry Prorsum S/S15 Show, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEt07tx-eQE

As I was watching American Idol, I suddenly realized a backdrop music that I liked a lot, so I instantly shazamed it and found out that the song was called “Scars” by a singer named James Bay. I’ve read the name before, but didn’t put more effort into it to do some research. But guys, since that moment I can’t stop listening to this song and I just have to hear it all day on repeat.

It also takes me back to my childhood and it’s giving me a huge 90ies vibe. It kind of reminds me of a Dawsons’s Creek or Baywatch backdrop song, meaning it in the best way possibe! I can envision Joey Potter leaving Dawson yet again stolling down the river all by herself, then there’s a scene where Jen Linley’s all alone as well crying in her bedroom, regretting whatever she’s done this time. You know what I mean?


James Bay – the new darling in fashion? 

Later on I did some research and of course the fashion world already took notice of this young upcoming Brit. In September 2014 Burberry’s Creative Director Christopher Bailey already took James Bay under his wings and let him perform at the spring summer 2015 Burberry Prorsum show. Take a look!

So back to my question if James Bay will be the biggest shooting star in music of 2015. Well, the answer is I don’t know, but considering the sound which gives you kind of a throwback vibe, the image that’s obviously inspired by the 70ies (which makes it really hip for today, since the 70ies are totally back – just in case you didn’t know), the fashion scene behind your back and music that appeals both to the masses but doesn’t lose its edgyness at the same time, James Bay has all the goods that make a superstar! And we’ll keep an eye on him and see if I was right with my prediction!


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