What’s it like to work as an editor at Vogue?

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If you’re like me – a person spending their days mostly at home wondering how to finally make it in fashion – or you’re just bored and want to be entertained, I can highly recommend you this very interesting documentary about the history of Vogue and its editors talking about the evolution of fashion and how they try to make their very spcific visions come to life.

As for me, I unfortunately sometimes feel very uninspired by my environment and the world that I live in and so I tend to dream all day long how it would be like if I had the resources to realize my visions and really be able to realize my full potential. Well, since I am well aware of that this moment is quite far away, this documentary kinda reminded me to keep on dreaming and most importantly to keep on working!


In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

What I already knew is that I really love conceptual photoshoots and I think I have some good basic approaches here and there, for example the shoot ‘The sound of homelessness‘ that I produced and photographed, where I tried to stay true to the meaning of the collection by taking the shoot to the staircase.

Or the shoot that I also produced and photographed in Berlin where my friend and jewellery designer Inna modeled her own jewllery collection in a park – and it was freezing cold! In this case I also tried to not only showcase the jewellery, but also pay tribute to Inna as a person. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can have a look following this link!

Anyway, I know this documentary is quite old, it’s from 2012, but if you’re interested in conceptual work in terms of fashion, I’m convinced that you can learn a lot from these experts!

Trend is a dirty word!

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Trend fashion

Who doesn’t know what a trend is? According to the definiton of Oxford dictionaries a trend is “general direction in which something is developing or changing”. In fashion, you can say it’s a tendency that’s defined by a certain group of people, like designers, editors and other industry insiders who determine where the designs all way down to colors and accessoires are going. As for this season, the designers showed their collections too, but something felt different. Take a look!



The new trend is that there’s no trend! 

If you listened closely to what all these industry insiders had to say, is what I’ve been preaching for a very long time. Be yourself, be individual and just adapt the things from the runway to your closet that you can really identify with! So what does Anna Wintour have to say about all that no trend mess? I mean is this really possible to have no trends and just focus on individuality and personal style? Having trends in the fashion industry obviously makes it way easier to focus on certain colors or products and call them ‘must haves of the season’ or something like that. And by not defining any trends for the following year things can get quite complex when it comes to sales strategy and basically the fashion industry is just about that. Watch Anna Wintour’s surprising answer to the ‘No-Trend-Trend’!



What’s your take on that story? Let me know in the comments below!