Austria’s Next Top Model Winner Lands Versace Campaign

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“Do your thing, prove ’em wrong. Then pop your collar and do it with swag!” Tyra Banks did what millions are dreaming of and can look back at a phenomenal modeling career. Since 2003 Tyra’s looking for somebody to step in her footsteps in the search for America’s Next Top Model that will return into its 22nd season this summer. And it seems that Oliver Stummvoll, winner of one of over 30 spinn off shows and contestant of Austria’s Next Top Model, may have the potential to become a true top model. No other than the iconic Italian fashion house of Versace approached Austria’s first male winner to become the face of their latest Spring/Summer campaign.

This is one of the biggest deals Top Model History has ever seen

This is not only a major thing for Oliver’s career or the Austrian version of Top Model, this is a huge deal for the whole Top Model franchise worldwide! Here and there I’ve read some articles where former contestants complained about their bad reputation and that their participation at the TV show hurt their career and that they had a hard time to be taken seriously in the real fashion world. But as it turned out Oliver turned the tables and proved them all wrong looking super fierce in this Versace Spring/Summer campaign that was shot my Mert and Marcus. Take a look!


Tyra is super proud of Oliver Stummvoll  

And it didn’t take long for Tyra Banks to take notice of these great news. Read what she took to Twitter to express her joy!


What will this milestone mean for new Top Model Winners?

That’s the big question, that only future will tell. Did Oliver pave the way for other Top Model winners or contestants to be able to work and have a career outside of the show and as a TV personality? Will Tyra take Oliver on board maybe as a guest judge for America’s Next Top Model? I guess only time can tell! Please click on this link to take a look at the pictures that I took of Oliver some months ago! And last but not least, congratulations from me as well to your Versace campaign Oliver!  

✌️on set with @oliver_stummvoll #flashbackfriday Ein von yokemara (@yokemara) gepostetes Foto am


And because there’s no better way to end this story than with a quote from Kanye, I’ll just let him do the talking! Because we love Versace!



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