Copenhagen Fashion Week Throwback

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As for those of you who are not familiar with Copenhagen Fashion Week, let me tell you something: it’s my favourite fashion week of them all!! And for all of you who read things or even been there yourselves, y’all know what I’m talking about. You know, the people, the venues and of course the designs are absolutely stunning! Everytime I’ve visited Copenhagen Fashion Week so far has been nothing but pure joy full of great memories, photographs and friendships of like minded people.

So in honor of the upcoming fashion week I want to do something that I have never done before here: a THROWBACK, where I want to share some of my alltime favourite pictures that I have taken over the last couple of years, when I visited Copenhagen! Take a look!

Asger Juel Larsen

Asger Juel is one of my favourite, favourite designers of Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is a picture, I took way back in 2012 and it’s from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I still remember it vividly that this collection gave me a total Mortal Combat meets fashion vibe. His choice of fabrics, prints and shapes are just beyond in my opinion, combined with a total badass model cast, the show was an absolute highlight!

Menswear by Asger Juel Larsen, picture taken by Kemara Pol

David Andersen

Another very talented, very dark and edgy designer who totally speaks to a special group of people who dedicated their whole wardrobe to black as it is their all time favourite color. You know what I mean? When you take your time to learn about fashion, you’ll instantly know what I mean. There are like the Rick Owens loving people, who also adore Yamamoto and Dries van Noten, oh and not to forget Margiela. And I see David Andersen wanting to reach that pool of audience for him as well, but with an elegant twist. His designs are much more tailored and fitted in a way and therefor have a touch of elegance to them to, you know take you from day tevening and still feel dressed appropriately. 

David Andersen by Kemara Pol

Wood Wood

What can I say about Wood Wood other than it’s one of the most popular Danish brands all around the world amongst young folks? Their secret to success to me is their ability to combine fashionable streetwear, scandinavian coolness with the current Zeitgeist, that keeps it young and fresh.

Wood Wood Spring/Summer 2013 by Kemara Pol

Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov is one of a kind designer, because nobody else can do what he’s doing. Every single show is an explosion of creativity with fashion being only one part of the whole spectacle. I’m talking about arty sclulptures and installations, experimental sounds and an experience as a whole that will blow your mind. Talking about the fashion I must say that I adore his approach on how he’s creating his designs. I had the pleasure to interview Henrik a couple of times and he’s just the coolest and most chill guy ever.

Henrik Vibskov by Kemara Pol

Astrid Andersen

Astrid Andersen has been and still is an unstoppable force when it comes to young and fresh designers who will sooner or later become a name that everybody will be familiar with. With her edgy street wear designs, Astrid Andersen never fails to impress. Her hip hop and urban culture fashion is appreciated all around the world, especially in the States, where pop meets street wear and basketball.

Astrid Andersen by Kemara Pol

Jean Phillip

Jean Phillip is a designer who loves a cool, unique androgynous look and that’s exactly what he’s doing with his collections. Every season I’m excited to see his show, because there’s always a special playfulness that today’s menswear needs in my opinion to appear current and modern. Also Jean Phillip is never afraid to educate his target group to be just a little more daring when it comes to showing some skin.

Jean Philipp by Kemara Pol

Anne Sofie Madsen

Annes Sofie Madsen is definitely one of Copenhagen’s most sought after designers. Her unique approach to fashion and futuristic attitude is truely remarkable. Some people even compare her to Alexander McQueen. You be the judge!

Anne Sofie Madsen by Kemara Pol

Malene Birger

There are people who call her the Coco Chanel of Denmark. The super established designer always manages to create the most feminine and elegant designs! See for yourselves!

Malene Birger by Kemara Pol

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