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Just a couple of days ago I watched the press preview for the new Dior documentary about Christian Dior and Raf Simons taking over as a chef designer. And I definitely can tell you one thing – it’s definitely a WATCH, since this movie is one of the best fashion documentaries I’ve ever seen in my life. Watch the trailer and then I’m gonna tell you why you all need to see this movie.


To me the movie is a combination of two different ways of storytelling. On the one hand there are cameras following Raf like a shadow, documenting every step of developing an haute couture collection. After taking over the position as the new chef designer, he has only about 8 weeks to create a phenomenal debut to impress the fashion crowd, which is quite a challenge as you might agree. And on the other hand there are also in depth interviews with people who used to work at the fashion house for decades and also pictures from the past, which show the history of the traditional brand. This mixture of interesting content combined with the immensely aesthetic production makes this documentary very special and definitely a must see for all fashion fans who are interested in getting an insight of how one of the most prestigeous french fashion houses is working. 



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