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They say jewellery is as ancient as mankind. People were always conciderated of beautifying themselves with all kinds of different objects to appear more attractive. And jewellery is a very personal way to express just that. Especially rings can signify love, abundance, prosperity, friendship, faith or just closeness to one another in every meaning possible. As simple a ring can be, some stories behind it can be as complex as you can imagine.

Inna, who I also feel very lucky to call a good friend, is one of those jewellery designers who create handcrafted magic. With her imagination and her talent she creates simple rings into things of great beauty, but doesn’t drop the simple. Meaning with every unique design she considers the owner’s personality and that makes it all more special.

So I met up with this beautiful Ukrainian spirit and set up an exclusive interview and shooting with Inna and her jewellery line INNAN!


Production & Concept: Kemara Pol, Editor in Chief of

Photography: Kemara Pol 

Model: Inna Nechyporenko

Styling: Kemara Pol 

Hair & Makeup: Kemara Pol 

Digital Imaging: Kemara Pol 


Inna Nechyporenko (c) Kemara Pol

Inna, take me back to the beginning of your journey as a jewellery designer! What was your first memorable childhood experience with jewellery?

My mom had a small box full of bijoux, nothing really expensive, just lots of small things like earrings, rings, thin chains. For me at the age of 5-6 years old it was a real treasure box, I loved to try things on and imagine myself wearing those “mature” clothes for grown-ups looking elegant like my mom. To be honest, before I never really wore a lot of accessories, I rather wore extraordinary clothing and then having also accessories on would have been too much. With the time I came to having quite a monochrome palette in my wardrobe and developed a passion for jewellery. I mean, I was a girl before, now I feel like a woman. Jewellery is for women.

How important is your customers personality when you design a ring for him or her?

Oh, it’s very important. Quite often somebody’s individuality inspires me for an item. On my web-site, for example, all the pieces are presented either by people who ordered them or by those, who were my muses.  When I get a private order, I always think about the customer while designing a piece: what do they look like, what kind of lifestyle they have or what is special about this person. That gives me the opportunity to underline the side of a personality I find interesting and kind of shape my own perception of someone into an object within the aesthetics of my art.

Inna Nechyporenko (c) Kemara Pol

How would you describe your influences as a jewellery designer? Does your eastern european culture for example reflect in some of your work?

I mean, for example, I love diamonds and believe women from all over the world have special feelings for diamonds. This doesn’t depend on geography. I’ve been travelling a lot since was a teenager and there are many different places that influenced me as a person which means they also influenced my art. Mostly I get inspirations from architecture and bright characters.

What’s the most important stepping stones you learned along the way when you want to have your own business?

I learn something all the time. Small experiences am getting day-by-day are transforming with time into a strategy of doing my business. It’s not easy at the beginning and I learn a lot on my mistakes. I think the most important is to put right priorities, organize time effectively and develop the skills. I believe if anyone wants to succeed in certain field, it’s necessary to be a real professional in it. Just to have a talent is not enough.

Inna Nechyporenko (c) Kemara Pol

How do you balance life and work?

That’s complicated. When you’re self-employed, there are always things to do. Sometimes, I really have to force myself to not work and relax. Then I lighten candles, put on classic music and take a warm bath.

Which artists do you admire and why?

It’s not that there is one figure I admire. For example, I’m fascinated by such characters as Picasso, Chanel, Dali, Hemingway, Schiaparelli, Dietrich … They all were different, extraordinary, brave, one of a kind, maybe a bit insane. Each of them developed a completely new perception of what art/fashion of a moment back then was.

Inna Nechyporenko (c) Kemara Pol

Who are the influencers in your life?

It’s my parents, my man, the books I read and classical music.

What’s the force behind you that keeps you always so ambitious and driven? Where does your energy come from?

My energy comes from inside, it doesn’t have an outside source. I enjoy every adventure the universe is sending me. I just have so much of this inner power, am happy to share it with the world around. My jewellery is something that brings it out, something, which will stay even when I’m not here any more.

Inna Nechyporenko (c) Kemara Pol

How do you measure success?

I don’t measure success.

If you had to describe your personality through a ring, how would the ring look like?

Oh, then it would be a different ring every day. Let’s say, today looks like a piece made of two equal parts slightly different shades melting into each other and becoming one, which is holding a black diamond, in a clumsy way.


Inna Nechyporenko (c) Kemara Pol

Special thanks to Inna for letting me tell your story and Dani for helping me out at the shooting.

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