Let’s talk about Rick Owens Paris Fashion Week scandal

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So let’s talk about the topic that is on everybody’s minds right now: the Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear show! By now you might have heard that the American avant-garde designer sent his models without underwear down the runway and some models private parts were fully exposed. Of course the internet went crazy and it seemed as if my facebook timeline suddenly only knew that one topic.

To be honest, I kind of hesitated a little whether or not I should comment on that topic. Since these news are so recent, we haven’t heard a lot about what Rick Owens himself had to say about that whole nudity situation. But I did read a lot of positive and negative reports about that show and everybody had his own theory about Owens’ intentions. For example, I read Susie Bubbles’ Dazed and Confused article, where she says “Yes, there are many quips and puns to be made, and the show will surely make good media fodder – but the real story here is about freedom. These are clothes that would have looked strange with underwear underneath. So why not let it all hang out?” Really Susie Bubble? Is that a serious question? So let’s talk about strange looks: What would have really looked more strange, sending a model freeballing down the runway and exposing his crown jewels or dress that model in some nude colored underwear? If you ask me Rick Owens surely didn’t come to the decision because of strange looks. All conviction aside, I do think the collection looks strange anyway. 


Is it art or just the modern version of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’?

And yes, that is indeed a serious question. So far the responses from the fashion crowd have been really positive, the German Interview magazine for instance compared this situation with the #freethenipple movement, which in my opinion is a whole different story. To me it just sounds like they wanted to create a double standard, but you can’t compare a female nipple with male genitals, that doesn’t make any sense.

People were asking me about my opinion on that topic and to be honest, I haven’t made up my mind yet. That was also the reason why I lingered to write about this topic, I thought I have to have a clear point of view in order to be able to talk to you guys, but I changed my mind. And the reason why I’m saying that and why I think it’s ok to not have a certain opinion on that topic is very simple: it depends.

It depends on so many things. And still there are so many unanswered questions that need to be answered first in order to have a real point of view about that situation.

First off I need to know what Rick Owens himself wanted to intend with all that full frontal nudity. Did he think he was going to #freethepeen? Why did he do that? In the article Susie Bubble wrote you find a cryptic quote that talks about nudity as a simple and primal gesture. Yeah, that’s fine but what’s that supposed to mean anyway? As far as I’m concerned, I think you can only understand somebody’s artwork if you have the artists’ explanation. Further than that you need to understand this explanation and that’s the point where I’m out. Because I don’t get it.

So I did a little research and found this interesting video

Apparently Rick Owens admits that his provocative runway show was “a little deranged”. Do I sense a hint of backpaddeling here?

I mean by now we know that all of this wasn’t unintended. In my mind there’s just no designer that mistakenly lets flap dicks out of somebodys garments.

Another way to deal with this situation would also be to just say that he does it all for the media attention and makes a fool out of all the editors who buy that freedom thing he kept talking about. With other words he made fun of all of us like the sneaky tailors did with the emperor back in the days in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. If that was his intention, that would have been a smart move. The media attention he gets out of this is just priceless and to pretend to wanting to do something liberating for the menhood or what so ever is a very intelligent move, businesswise. And to tell the truth, who wants to be freeballing next fall or winter? Who wants to have a whole in your crotch area and wear nothing underneath? Who buys that?? I don’t know, I mean I know that I don’t.

But since we all don’t know that, all we have left is a bunch of provocative pics all over our timelines and some cryptic attemps of explanations.

I’m dying to know what y’all have to say about this, please let me know in the comments below!


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