Jennifer Lopez’ new movie “The Boy Next Door”

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Maybe you know how much I love creating all kind of new words, and one word I made up with my BFF Isi (shoutout to Isi and how you doin’?) was the word “obsodom” – which is the short version for “obsessing over something random”. You know when you’re into something and you don’t even really know why, you’re just fascinated by something or someone and you have the feeling that it just randomly draws you in and you can’t stop thinking about it or doing some research about it – that’s obsodom!

So you just learned a new word and the next time a situation allows you to use it you can scream into your BFF’s ear #obsodom – that’s how it works!

Now that you know what obsodom means, I can tell you that I’ve been obsessing over Jennifer Lopez and her new movie ‘The boy next door’ in the last days and watched nearly every promotion gig she did recently. I’m going to share the trailer with you and then we’ll continue to talk.

Watch this


The plot

Jennifer Lopez plays a soon to be divorcée in her late 30ies or early 40ies who happens to have very low self esteem at that point in her life. Later on she meets her neighbour, a boy that lives next to her house. He’s a teenager and suddenly he starts to make her a lot of compliments. Inevitably Jennifer Lopez’ character crosses the line with the young man she finds very attactive and the downward spiral beginns.


Jenny from the Block(-buster)?

The stoyline doesn’t sound very unusual or unexpected, it’s the perfect role for JLo to play since she just dated a guy in real life, Casper Smart, who’s also a lot younger than her, so people can relate to her in that way. I mean of course Casper Smart was an adult at the time the two started dating, I think he was 24 and she was 41, but still the age difference was noticeably high.

Anyway as I said, I watched a lot of interviews with Jennifer Lopez – who’s also a great judge on American Idol – about that movie and I wanted to share some of you, just because I really enjoy how well spoken she is.

For example everybody’s asking her about one racy scene where she and her co-partner Ryan Guzman get it on. They wanna know how it was and just ask for jucy details I guess, but Jennifer always manages to answer all of the tricky questions like a pro in a very eloquent manner. At the latest by now you’re probably asking yourself why that’s something special because Jennifer has been around for quite a while, so no surprise she knows how to promote movies or answer sneaky questions. See, this is totally obsessing over something random! #obsodom duh?!

Anyway, just because I think these interviews are worth watching, I’m sharing them with you right now. Hit it

This is a funny interview with Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman. Since Ryan and Jennifer know each other from Idol there’s a very unique and entertaining vibe going on. Watch for yourself

I have to say, I love Robin Roberts! She’s just such a nice and free-spirited person, so her interviewing JLo is just adorable.

Here’s a funny video of Ryan Guzman getting interviewed by Wendy Williams and they talk about whether he and Jennifer are dating or not

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to see Jennifer back on the big screen!



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