Getting a Diploma in Photography!

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Hey y’all! How are you doing? I hope you doin well. Today I’m talking to you on a very personal matter, not that my other posts don’t reflect my very personal opinion, but with this article I want to share something with you that acutually happened to me in real life and goes beyond a theoretical construct that only exists in my mind. Earlier that day, I had my final exam in Photography, passed this multiple choice test and presented my final work, that I’m going to share with you when everything’s ready.

And you know besides the fact that I was able to pass the test and carried myself through the presentation, eventhough I caught a bad caugh, I’m happy that eventually I recieved the recognition that I was hoping for. That’s all nice and all good. But today I don’t want to talk about grades, performances or anything else that’s meassurable, I want to talk about the things that meant the most to me during the time I was taking those classes and what I’ve learned today.

Because what I think I’ve learned today and was the most important thing to me is the opportunity to share my vision, my work, my point of view with other people, with experts, with people who share the same passion for photography like I do. And that is to me the most precious and important thing, it’s the opportunity to be able to communicate your visions through the medium of a photograph, share it with an audience and provoking an emotion. And above that getting the chance to really exchange in a fruitful conversation. I’m so proud that I got to share my photographs with others and that they were acutally seen. I do know what I’m talkning about when I’m saying that because I’ve experienced other stuff too, where people just don’t give a damn shit about your piece of art or just take it for granted.

Anyway, today was a good day and I want to encourage everybody who might have a problem with grading systems, don’t pay too much attention to it because it’s just some numbers. What really counts in photography to me is to have a standpoint. What’s the story you want to tell? And who are you as a photographer? What do you want to be remembered for? Where do you see beauty? What’s your vision? These and similar questions are the things you have to have in mind when taking a picture. If you’ve answered them for yourself and for your audience, I think you’re good to go! That’s all and thanks for reading!


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