How did CHANEL N°5 become the most iconic fragrance?

Gisele for Chanel

Wearing a certain fragrance is a very intimate thing. There are not many things that we let so close to our bodies, to our lives and combine them with so many important memories on our journey. Only the people who really matter actually know how you scent or the name of your fragrance.

Even back then in the days Coco Chanel knew that with creating a fregrance she rounded up women’s outfits. Not only did she create clothes, she created a lifestyle that also had a certain scent to it.

Gisele Bündchen, one of my absolute favourite supermodels is the face of the newest campaign and in my opinion she’s a perfect fit. Her appearance is classic and timeless, so is the legendary fregrance.


Chanel N°5 – The Movie



The Fragrance

One very smart person once said to me that the fragrance market is very hard to conquer, because it’s a very hard thing to advertise a luxury product, that nobody really needs. But if you manage to do that, you win big time, because you have very low production costs in comparison to the price you’re selling the fragrance. So the profit level is really high. In this behind the scene video about the iconic Chanel N°5 fragrance you’ll get to know a lot about what it really means to create a perfume and how it maybe became the most popular of its kind on this planet.



The Inspiration

To me it’s always super fascinating to get a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes of such a huge production. If you watch the following video you get an impression of how much thought and concept you have to think about in advance to bring such an aesthetically pleasing, current and modern movie to life.



The Cast 

Now let’s break it down to get some information behind the cast. You know how important it is to have the perfect cast in a campaign. The actors in it have to be relatable, believable and likeable. At the end of the day this is more than a movie, it’s an advertisement where you want people to buy the product or engage them to like it. Watch a behind the scene video and learn why Gisele Bündchen and her man in the move are the perfect choice for this campaign.



The Costume

It’s on the dice that the costumes in a Chanel ad are important. What’s more they helped underlining the characters in their different situations in their lives. Gisele Bündchen plays a very versatile and complex character, who is, similar to her real life, an active woman who loves sports, a mother, a wife and a successful businesswoman. I think it’s super interesting to have a look behind the scenes and hear production designer Catherine Matin talking about the costume concepts behind every character and explain how they became alive through their costumes.



The Song

The song in this short movie plays a huge role. Since there are no dialogues, the only words spoken come from the lyrics. If you thought that the song sounds familiar, you were right, because it’s a new version of the 80ies classic “You’re the one that I want”. It’s so intriguing, unexpected but appealing at the same time. And that’s why it’s the perfect choice, because three words pretty much sum up the whole campaign.



The Locations

Listen to director Baz Luhrmann why they chose the locations they actually ended up filming at and get to know how those locations helped the story become more real!



The Director

There’s one scentence that really stuck with me that the director Baz Luhrmann said about acting “It’s very hard to play if you’re scared, so my job is to remove fear from the environment and let players (actors) play”. Watch the whole video to see how strategic, intelligent and conceptual his approaches are!



And now I’m asking you, who doesn’t want to run to the beauty shop and buy your mom this iconic fregrance? I know I do!


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