Jimmy Fallon’s most awkward moment

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The new year has just started, but can we please agree on that this is already the most awkward 2015 TV moment to date?

Let’s start from the beginning: Nicole Kidman makes an apperance at the Late Night Show Jimmy Fallon. So far so good. But then the unlimited downward spiral of awkwardness starts and the rest is almost too hard to watch. Suddenly Nicole Kidman tells a story about Jimmy Fallon back in the days and Jimmy Fallon just seems clueless, lost and overwhelmed by this situation. And the actress drops the bomb that she actually wanted to date him in the past and he had no interest! The tention is just too much to handle!

Acutally I don’t want to take away too much, because if you didn’t believe in the saying ‘painful to watch’ you’re gonna experience a premiere of this unwanted feeling! … and in my opinion Nicole Kidman will never ever come back to the Jimmy Fallon Show! Let’s hit it


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