Lena Dunham defends “Girls”

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Did you enjoy watching “Girls” as much as I did? Thinking back I honestly can say that it was one of the most refreshing series I’ve seen in the last years. Lena Dunham has such a unique way of telling stories, that make you question a lot of manerisms or your behaviour in general. She managed to open a lot of dialoges in my friends circle about society, career goals and reliability in friendships.

So here’s a video that I came across recently, where she talks about her thoughts on people’s reaction about the show in a very self reflecting and critical manner. This is also the reason why I can truly call myself a Lena Dunahm fan. In my opinion she’s not only well spoken, but also very aware of what she’s doing and also why she’s doing it. I love the fact that you can truely see that she wants to cover certain topics, but doesn’t drop the entertainment factor of the show at the same time.

So here’s the video I was talking about the whole time


I would love to hear your opinion on Lena Dunham or on her show “Girls”! Please comment below and share it with me.


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