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CHACA JEWELRY 121424667_RGBAt the intersection of what the modern boys and girls need and what they want their appealing to express, there’s CHACA. Designed by Danish native Chaca her wearable art pieces bridge the gap between gender and individual style with edgy-sexy-cool looks. With a design aesthetic influenced by geometric shapes, Chaca infuses the collection with exactly the right balance between of-the-moment-fashion and a true sense of style. Chaca’s work has been featured on leading fashion magazine covers like Schön! magazine or L’officiel Hommes Thailand. And since I’m in love with Chaca’s fierce and daring designs, I decided to introduce her and her art to you guys and chatted with her  straight after she came back from Paris Fashion Week!


So you just came back from Paris Chaca! How was it and what did you do there?

Paris was amazing! The weather was like during a summer holiday and I gained a lot of good feedback regarding my new collection. I was exhibiting for the first time at Premiere Classe.

There I had the chance to meet a lot of new fashion buyers and other very interesting designers.


What goals did you set for your Paris trip and did you accomplish them?

My main goal for my trip to Paris was to expand my stockist list and to meet new people in the industry. I also went there to personally present my new collection to a wider audience than I normally do e.g. in Berlin or Copenhagen.


Did you get the chance to go to a show or some parties? Would you share some of the nicest experiences from your Paris trip with us?

I was very busy during the whole period, however I managed to go out and eat a couple of nice dinners with my sales agent. Paris is full of amazing places to eat and we discovered this very nice place called Frenchie where they serve extremely delicious food and wine. My dad is a chef so of course he had provided me with a list of Bitros from Saveur magazine, Thank you dad :)!

However I must admit that I ended up at the Kenzo party in some dirty Parisian basement.


Over the years you’ve developed a very distinctive style when it comes to your designs! Can you share your inspiration with us?

My inspiration comes from my fascination with different themes like ninjas and samurais. Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to be a ninja!

I was often rolling around on the floor pretending that I was doing all sorts of ninja moves. I would still somehow like to be a ninja so I guess this is one of the reasons that I use a lot of these elements in my style. I also have a great fascination for Samurais that developed into a collection of ninja and samurai warrior wear, where I designed weapons accompanied by a matching necklaces, making the wearer both looking good and being prepared for combat.

On the other hand I also like the world of Hip Hop and rappers. The thought of being surrounded by bling like gold chains and grillz is really fascinating to me.

In my latest collection Lockdown I used inspiration from Bondage but mixing it with a very playful attitude. It’s inspired by the the work of  the Japanese photographer Araki.


When did you decide that you want to have a career in jewellery design?

I have been making jewellery and accessories almost my whole life. When I was around 7 I made these really beautiful tiaras from small sparkly glass beads, which I was selling to this very stylish fashion shop.

I then took a break from making jewellery when I was a rebel little teen, but I really missed it and started studying to become a goldsmith when I was around 19 years old.


In the pictures we see a man and a woman wearing very similar necklaces. Do you intend to create designs for all gender?

Yes, all of my pieces are unisex. I think that it is up to the wearer to decide if it is something that fits his or her style. Gender is something, which I think is way too defined in our society today.


Tell me about the bag and the backpack that you’ve helped to design? How did this collaboration happen?

The bag is collaboration between the concept store École in Berlin, French haute couture hair stylist Charlie Le Mindu and me.

École stands behind the making of the actual bag, Charlie is the creator of the hair attachments and I have designed the jewellery attachments that transform the bag into its many ways of being worn. The outcome of the collaboration is a metamorphosis of harness-inspired jewellery, real human hair, leather and neoprene. Pearls and polished gold clasp accents are combined with dark and sleek style and with an air of playfulness.

You can say, that the borders between fashion, jewellery and art are pretty much erased. The result is a streamlined transformable bag, otherworldly yet functional.


As a jewellery designer as for every designer it’s very important to get your work represented in the media, in print as well as online and in (online) stores. What’s the most important steps to get your design out there? Do you have a strategy?

That’s a tough one 🙂 – ­Networking­!

Hmm well sadly the strategy all comes down to how much money you have. I mean you can do a lot of press yourself through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, however if you want to gain real beneficial press in well known and respected magazines you kind of have to join in with a well known PR agency if you do not have all the contacts yourself. That can be very expensive. It’s a whole job in itself to do PR, so if you want to really concentrate on working on your designs and developing your ideas I would recommend to have somebody doing it for you. I work both with an agency in London called The December Agency who also represents a lot of other very interesting brands and in Copenhagen Freifeldt Public Relations.

Then there is the whole new or maybe not so new anymore wave of bloggers, who have a huge impact in terms of representing designers online.

If your design is good enough it should speak for itself. So patience is another important keyword speaking in terms of strategy.


What goals did you set for your brand in the future?

Im learning 3D drawing the at the moment, as I would like to take my designs to the next level. I have for a long time been very fascinated by all the new technology which is popping up all the time.

I am also working on a wearable technology project which I still can’t talk that much about, I got some exciting wearable technology in the pipeline .

I find the hole new wave of wearable technology is what you will see from me soon.

CHACA-TECH is  coming up with great corporations.


Would you consider your design as typical Danish?

Even though I’m Danish I have not been living in Denmark for the last 8 year. I’m surrounded by many different cultures that all influences me. I would say that my designs are very typical CHACA, which is the land that I live in. With that in mind I would not classify my designs by the border of a certain country.


Jewellery can as well as clothing be seen as nonverbal communication. If your jewellery could talk, what do you want it to say?

Maybe it’s for the best that my jewellery can’t talk. So far I think that my collections went from saying something like: “YO-Motherfucker” to “Fuck Me”.


What are the trends in jewellery design right now? Or is that even something you think about?

Hmm… not really……

However what interests me or maybe I should say fascinates me at the moment is wearable technology and pieces that can be transformed by the wearer after its need, or mood of the day.

In the society that we live in today everything is moving mad fast and everything has to be extremely sufficient. There are not that many people who take their time to wear jewellery, however if it’s a piece combined with technology that has a function that will smoothen some kind of problem in your life. Then I think that it is something that is trendy in my eye!


That’s very clever to not only emphasise the aesthetics but also the usability and functionality! Let’s talk about social media! Nowadays social media is more important than ever! Which social media outlets do you use? And most importantly where can we buy your jewellery?

I use facebook and instagram as social media outlets, even though I wish that I could say that I didn’t use any of that kind of outlets. I find it rather strange to make post about my work on a social media platform. You can buy my jewellery on my website as well as other matching concept stores.



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