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… Am I right? Just the other day I had a conversation about bloggers and authenticity and you know what I think of it? Well I don’t think of it really much because I don’t care. And the reason I’m writing this article right now is just for you guys and to state my opinion that I find bloggers who claim to be authentic almost as annoying as bloggers who want share their alleged perfect life on instagram. So why is that and why does that sound so bitter?

Let me explain. Eventually I don’t find it wrong to talk about authenticity but what really bothers me is when bloggers who claim to be “super authentic” and “honest” are acutally as fake as bloggers who are living the picture perfect life on instagram. Because if the word authenticity is only being used to create some kind of (fake) relatability with their readers in order to make more money we’ve got a serious problem. Are you still following what I’m saying? Let me give you a classic example: Models who pose with burgers pretending to eat them just for the picture just to show off how normal their eating habits are. Their intention is to appear some kind of relatable and down to earth but this acutally will have the exact opposite effect on their followers. People won’t think of these models as normal people eating burgers, they will admire them even more for being able to “eat burgers” while managing to maintain skinny. Get what I’m saying?

And it’s the same with bloggers who are just trying so hard establishing their fake authenticity while continuing living this #bloggergoals life while being “so authentic and down to earth”. So what can we take away from that situation? Just stop caring so much about your image and pretend doing something or acting like somebody you’re actually not. How fucked up is this “oh-wow-look-at-me-I’m-being-so-authentic-but-acutually-this-is-all-staged-anyway” mentality? This doesn’t serve anybody in any way. Instead of bragging about your fake authenticity people could just let it go and acutally just be themselves instead of saying so and not acting on it.

Why is this fake authenticity so dangerous?

If we continue allowing liars to be admired and praised on social media, then we will distroy younger people’s selfesteem since not all of them are able to identify this pretentiousness as such. We need more education on the usage, the danger and the longterm consequences of using social media and find new ways of using it so that people actually benefit from it. People who have a voice – and 200k on instagram is a very loud voice btw – have a responsibility to use it for something good. Continue taking naked selfies, create inspiring outfit posts, but also make sure to stand up for something bigger that yourself. People need to get over themselves and finally contibute something to make this a better place.

Social media should provide a space where people can learn from each other, truely inspire rather than just enable fake self-promotion!

What’s your thought on that matter? Sound off in the comments below!

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