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First of all, I know it’s Christmas and all that, but before you go on unwrapping your presents, watch a Christmas movie or go out to introduce your new Christmas sweater to your friends, you might take out a couple of minutes on why you should save the date for December 30th 2015 to be in Berlin. Why is that? Let me explain it to you and I hope to win you over with the following reasons. I personally can not be present since I got a gig at my brother’s club outside the country, but the more I’m thinking about it the more I feel sorry for myself not being able to attend the event. Anyway, if you don’t have plans for the 30th yet, here we go!

1. Party like you mean it

My friend Magdalena who organizes UY’s 2nd birthday bash knows how to throw a good party. We’ve been to events together, so she definitely knows what she’s doing since she’s experienced lots of fashion parties from both sides as a guest as well as a host.

2. Space for good conversation

Well let me put it this way, I’m sure y’all know that sometimes it can be hard to have a good conversation with the fashion crowd since it’s packed full of shallow people. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting everyone under the same umbrella, I’m just being real. And of course that can be disappointing sometimes, but take a look at an excerpt of this partie’s press release: “The theme of the night is transition: transition of appearance, transition of perception, and transition of self. Throughout the night the audience will be invited to experience and interact with the performance, creating a fragile environment of reception and presentation, the push and pull of energies. We will be collaborating with Choreographer Kiani Del Valle who will be creating transitional choreographic performances all throw the night. The event is open to everyone who shares the spirit of UY and wants to celebrate the journey—past, present, future.” Doesn’t this sound fucking awesome? Honestly to me that sounds like a gathering of reflected and fashion interested people and if you ask me, those are my kinda people, don’t you agree?

3. Connect, interact and exchange

Since the event description sounds pretty awesome, the next question is, what are you gonna do there? Well, there’s gonna be a perfomance starting at 10pm and from 11pm on you can hit the dancefloor like there’s no tomorrow. Also I would have loved to be all reminiscent about 2015 with my friends and sum it up. So much has happened this year, right?

4. The facebook check

Hands down, if you go out to a party and especially the last party before New Year’s Eve, you want to be among your peers. So what I recommend you to do is to check out the facebook event in advance and simply check who’s going. To do so follow this link here. So what I would do is check the attending list and see if any of my facebook friends are going. But also make sure to check out the people who marked “interested” and the group of people who are just “invited” and see if you know anybody among that list so that you can drop them a message and in the best case they jump on board with you. And just in the event that you don’t know anybody attending or interested or whatever just facebook stalk the people attending and feel out their vibe. Man, it’s not 2015 forever and at this point you’ve got nothing lose rather than to gain. But don’t blame me though if the party sucks, alright? Just kidding!

5. Who’s even UY?

Damn, they make great suff, don’t they? Check out their website here! I personally am obsessed with young and upcoming designer suff. There’s just something fresh and unique about young brands that you obviously don’t find in established ones. If you don’t like black clothes then maybe this won’t be your kind of party but come on who doesn’t wear black from time to time?

So this is it, these are my 5 reasons on why you don’t want to miss UY’s 2nd birthday bash on December 30th! If you really happen to attend you are more than welcome hit the comments section and rub it under my nose about what I have missed.

UY 2nd Anniversary

OHM Berlin

Köpenicker Str. 70

10179 Berlin

Official Facebook Event

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