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As some of you might have seen on my Instagram account, I’m a huge fan of reminiscing about the past year, making New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 and just in general reflect over things and walk down 2015’s memory lane. In order to sum the year up properly in a classic Yokemara manner, I came up with several categories about things that happened in this year’s pop culture. Roll it!


Comeback of the year

Hello?? To me this one is quite obvious: Welcome back Adele! She came back from nowhere, and surprised us yet again with her writing skills and her unique voice. Even though I have to say I like the song “Hello” and I like Adele, I sometimes catch myself questioning the hype. Don’t get me wrong, I like Adele but we would be living in another world if Amy was still with us. Having said that, the record breaking and cross-generational pop phenomenon Adele still deserves the title “Comeback of the year” in my opinion, because she just slayed this year like nobody else and brought back the singing into pop music, if you know what I mean. To read more about Adele follow the link to this post and you’ll get to watch my favourite interviews with her.

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Letdown of the year

Ughh, where do we start? There have just been too many to nail them down to one. One of the biggest disappointments of 2015 was Tyra Banks’ highly anticipated return to daily TV talk in “FABLife” followed by her decision to leave her own show after only two months due to her busy schedule. It wasn’t too long ago, early September to be precise, that I’ve been super excited about the FABlife to finally air on TV. Without Tyra as a host I won’t be watching though. Moving on …

… to the most disappointing movie in 2015: The Hunger Games – Mockinjay Part 2. Guys, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this movie. I haven’t read the books but I just disliked a lot about this movie, especially the ending of it. All I want to say is that the last part of this epos just ruined the whole trilogy for me. What a bummer!

Musicwise I hate do admit that but it’s you, Lana del Rey! Her 2015 album “Honeymoon” was released and nobody seemed to care which is probably the worst thing that can happen to an artist. Her new music video “High by the Beach” has a lousy 37 million views. Where are the times when Lana used to be queen? Remember when we were mesmerized by “Born to Die” (which has over 200 million views by the way). Anyway, please don’t let us down in 2016, Lana!


Celeb of the year

In my opinion there’s gonna be three people who inspired me and I was fascinated by. Starting off with the courageous Caitlyn Jenner who’s been criticized and made fun of loads of people back in the days where she used to live as Bruce Jenner, but even to this day this day some people discriminate against Caitlyn. It’s been several years now that I’ve spent doing research about identity building and educating myself about gender spectrum theories since I think it’s very interesting and that our society still has to learn a lot about accepting each other while expressing individuality.

Caitlyn Jenner pushed the dialogue about the way we talk about being trans to the next level. I truely have been fascinated by her story and found it utterly courageous of her wanting to live her true self at this point of her life and at the same time being an advocate of acceptance.

Take a look!

I was shocked when I first found out that cycle 22 of my most favourite TV show of all time “America’s Next Top Model” was coming to an end. Eventhough FABLife was a total flop I’m still routing for Tyra to see what she’ll come up with next. Anyway, in my opinion Nyle DiMarco was a well deserved winner of the last ANTM cycle. He happens to be deaf and crowning Nyle as the last winner of ANTM plays well into the messages that Tyra was always eager to promote. “Expanding the definition of beauty” and “Never take NO as an answer”. I’m definitely gonna be following the story and see where Nyle’s career will go!

There are plenty of daily talkshows out there but there’s only one Wendy Williams and believe me she knows how to tell stories! I’ve been follwing Wendy for year’s now and you can tell that she’s getting more and more comfortable in becoming America’s daytime talk show queen. I think 2015 has been her most successful year so far and I can’t wait to see what stories Wendy is going to tell us in 2016!


Best Non-Scandal of the year

Too many to sum them up in words, so I’d rather let the Gif’s do the talking: Why were Kylie Jenner’s lips such a huge discussion? I mean if we’re already talking about the lips can we please talk about the rest of the face as well? And then we could have a discussion about beauty standards of teenagers as well. Just sayin …


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Ughhh remember the time when your timeline was filled with the infamously famous dress?


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Why did we all talk about left shark again? And do you blame me if I still think it’s funny?


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Remeber when this woman named Rachel Dolezal came on the scene and told everybody that she doesn’t identify as being white? Leave Rachel alone!


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Or when Kanye West annouced that he’s gonna be running for president in 2020?


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Scandal of the year

After Stephen Collins ruined “7th Heaven” forever and confessed to child molestation in 2014, it was Bill Cosby who caused a lot of headlines in 2015 or shall we sais alleged victims who accused him of sexual assault. The number of alleged victims who speak out publicly seems to grow every mimute as by now there are over 50 women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault. For more detailed information follow this link.


Worst Hashtags of the Year

The worst hashtags of the year definitely go out to every hashtag that ends with -porn. I truely dislike all the following hashtags: #skyporn, #foodporn, #shoeporn … I mean what do you mean by that? I don’t even know if these porn hashtags are an invention of 2015 but can we please stop using them in 2016? Since when did people start using something they love, adore or affects them  emotionally with porn?


Movie of the year

I’m still in the “No Star Wars” vakuum, because I still haven’t seen it yet. And I can’t wait until I’m finally going to watch it next week and leave this trap because I can’t take it any longer! And since I haven’t seen Star Wars yet, I don’t dare to speak out about the best movies of the year. Other than that I really didn’t see a lot of movies that really wowed me this year.


Series of the year

Hands down – I think the best series of 2015 is Sense 8 by the Wachowski siblings. If you haven’t seen it, watch it and you won’t regret it! Literally everybody who I have been talking to about that series has watched the whole season within under one week! So if you’re bored and look out for a new series to watch, Sense 8 is a good start into 2016!


Song of the year

I’m so bad in making decisions, so it’s gonna be a list of a couple of songs that I liked this year with a short explanation on why  they became my soundtrack of 2015:

Adam Lambert – Another Lonely Night

This song much reminds me of a very special time and motivated me to persevere and continue doing what I love to do. I used to listen to it everytime I stepped out the door, starting the day with a positive vibe!

Miley Cyrus – No Love without Freedom

I mean I was already obsessed with Miley when she belted out “When I look at you“, but the older she got the better she became in my opinion. This Dido cover is one of my absolute favourite songs that Miley sang, because the lyrics go so well with the melody!

James Bay – Let it go

James Bay is definitely one of the most successful newcomers of 2015 and there’s a reason to it! His music speaks for itself.

Justin Bieber – Sorry

Let’s face it – this is the first Justin Bieber song I acutally like. Lately I’ve been to an epic Christmas after party and they played it at least four times, so I kinda felt forced into liking the song until I eventually ended up obsessing over it! If somebody told me in 2014 I actually appreciated listening to a Justin Bieber song, I wouldn’t have believed that person.


Album of the year

Miley & the dead petz. You can throw rotten tomatos as much as you want, but I stick to my words. I love the 80ies vibe of the entire album and I think Miley never sounded better. A lot of songs for example “Cyrus Skies“, “Tiger Dreams“, “Evil but a Shadow” remind me of Lana del Rey and what she could have done, if she had managed to catch up with today’s sound. Click through her album here:


What’s been your highlights and lowlights in this year’s pop culture? Let me know in the comments below!

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