Who would you like to see attending the Life Ball?

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As you know the Life Ball is one of the most glamorours charity events that takes place in Vienna’s city hall in the name of raising awareness of Aids and HIV, but also to make its mark for solidarity, tolerance and diversity. Every year there are celebrities attending the event to hold speeches at the ball’s opening ceremony to once again emphasize the importance of reducing predjudices towards Aids and HIV and call up to tolerance.

Last Staturday the ball celebrating life took place for the 23rd time, with stars like Charlize Theron, Mary J Blige, Carmen Electra, Brigitte Nielsen, Kelly Osbourne, Paula Abdul and some more. Now in my opinion every celeb attending is helping to gain more media attention, which is a good thing in order to raise more money. By the way all the money raised at the ball is supposed to be donated to foundations and institutions who help fighting the battle against HIV/Aids.

Since the Life Ball took place for the 23rd time now, the number of celebrities attending over the years has been quite impressive: Bill Clinton, Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, Eva Longoria, Whoopie Goldberg, Elton John, Dita von Teese, Katy Perry, Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne, Markus Schenkenberg, Hilary Swank, Janet Jackson, Naomi Campbell and many more.

So I did a little research about who I’d like to see attending the Life Ball next year or in the following years. So here are my suggestions in no particular order and I’m also explaining you why I think they’d be a terrific choice for the ball! And before you go and say ‘you’re delusional, the Life Ball couldn’t afford any of these people in years’, guess what, as a matter of fact all of the stars attend the charity event voluntarily and out of their free choice. Let’s get started!

1) Neil Patrick Harris: In my mind Neil Patrick Harris would make the perfect Life Ball ambassador. Why? He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest names right now, everybody knows him as Barny from ‘How I met your mother’, he was this year’s host of the Oscars which gained him even more popularity and he happens to be the perfect husband to his longtime partner David Burtka and dad to their twins.


2) Ellen DeGeneres: Do I really need to explain this one? I don’t think so but I’m gonna do it anyway. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most popular talk show hosts on the planet and therefore one of the most influencial voices of our generation. Not only is Ellen one of the smartest, kindest and funniest people in television, she’s also ever since been a tremendously important figure in the LGBT community, which absolutely would make her a beyond perfect match for the Life Ball. The only problem that I smell is her schedule, because of her daily talk show, that could be a problem. But if you let’s say plan two years ahead, maybe she’ll make it!


3) Lena Dunahm: Yes, Lena Dunham! She’s been one of the most important voices for the younger generation always eager for keeping the dialogue about feminism and equality alive and she’s not afraid of speaking her own truth. In my opinion Lena Dunham would make the perfect spokesperson in terms of discussions about reducing predjudices towards feminism and LGBT matters and at the same time being a total sweetheart and most importantly she’s super relatable!


4) Bruce Jenner: Here we go! In mind there’s just nobody else right now who would be exactly at the perfect place if he (as far as I know it’s still appropriate to refer to Bruce Jenner as he) visited the Life Ball. First off he came out as transgender in a recent interview (which I’m gonna talk about hopefully pretty soon here on the blog) and he’s on the most popular reality TV show on the planet ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, which makes him more than relevant. He’s not only the stepfather of the world’s most sought after it girl Kim Kardashian, but also an american sports icon and winner of the Olympic Games in the 1970ies. According to me, his bravery of coming out as identifying as female makes him the ideal role model of tolerance. And by the way I think anyone of the Kardashian-Jenner clan would make a good appearence at the Life Ball. The only problem I smell here is money! Since this is a charity event and they would not get any money out of that, I’m really not sure if they’re into this. But hey, isn’t fame the new money?


5) Miley Cyrus: Yep, y’all heard me right! As far as I see it, the ‘Wreckingball’ singer would be the perfect celeb bringing the right attention to the Life Ball. Not only because she’s one of Hollywood’s young elite and super talented, but also and I’ve already talked about that matter in a previous article, Miley’s the founder of ‘The Happy Hippie Foundation’ which supports homeless LGBT teens and raises awareness of LGBT issues. Other than that there’s just nobody else who can twerk her behind like Miley! And we’d love to see her twerking the Life Ball stage!


6) Jennifer Lopez: Wait what? No I’m not running out of names, and counting down random celebrities. And I get it if some of you might raise your eyebrow, but before you do so let me explain you why I think she’d be the perfect guest! So as I told you, I did my research and according to that I found out that Jenny from the Block had a gay aunt who had a huge impact on her life back in the days when she started out as a dancer. Also Jennifer Lopez is the the executive producer of an american TV series named the ‘Fosters’. I haven’t seen it yet but as far as I know the story deals with the life of two women who are a couple and the challenges they face while raising their children or something. As you’ll watch her her talking about the project you’ll see that it seems to be very close to her heart. Besides JLo is in the business for decades now, she’s a living legend and one of Hollywood’s hardest working women. If Jenny from the Block would visit the Life Ball the whole world would watch along!


7) Laverne Cox: The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actress was the break out star of the show! Her undoubtable eloquence made her a spokesperson for transgender issues plus making sure that the T in the LGBT doesn’t stay silent. Among many other people she’s the reason why speaking publicly about problems like hate crimes and stigmatisation among our society towards trans people are taken seriously, making sure her and the  voice of fellow trans people are heard. She seems to be the most wellspoken, reflected and fearless person when it comes to discussing topics like tolerance and empowerment of women and I’m sure she’d take the Life Ball stage over by storm!


8) Tyra Banks: You know I love Tyra, but that ain’t the only reason why I want to see her attending the Life Ball. The queen of smizing isn’t just a gorgeous supermodel, but an unstoppable force in the entertainment industry and creator of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. The successful format has it’s own show in I don’t know how many different countries now and is a huge success around the world. With her mission to expand the definition of beauty, Tyra Banks made headlines back in 2008 for inviting a transwoman named Isis King to participate in the modeling contest. Other than that Tyra knows what it’s like to have to overcome obstacles just because of your skin color, so she knows exacly how it feels like to have to fight for your rights. Watch her talking about her story and the adversities she had to face in order to become a top model! In my opinion Tyra Banks would be the most beautiful and fierce addition to the list of celebrities attending the Life Ball.


9) Angelina Jolie: As many people might not know and I learned through my research that Angelina Jolie identifies as bisexual. The ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ bombshell is now married to Brad Pitt who she has six children with. In my opinion I think Angelina who’s also a commited humaitarian would bring a total glam factor to the already gamorous event and be a super interesting celeb to talk to in terms of identiy, diversity and tolerance, don’t you agree? Watch her emotional speech against sexual violence!


10) Cara Delevigne: It’s almost like where there’s Cara there are the cameras! I think that Cara would make the perfect guest to attend the Life Ball, she’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s a model, and she doesn’t give a fuck about what other people think of her or about who she’s dating! With her quirky and bubbly personality the supermodel is not a stranger to the entertainment industry. Her friendslist reads like the who is who of Hollywood. She loves hanging out with her girls Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Other than that she also caused controversy with her former relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez. As far as I’m concerned there’s no good party without Cara, so I’d love to see her having a good time at the Life Ball!


So what do you guys think of my celebrity choices for the Life Ball? Or do you even think that celebs should be invited at all? Share your opinion with me in the comments below!










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