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Why do we blog? Why are blogs important and how did blogs change over the years?

Before I created my own blog I always used to admire people who shared their opinions with their audience. I remember how impressed I was with people who had a point of view, were critical and just blogged about it. On the other hand there were all these fashion bloggers who were travelling all over the world critiquing the newest collection of famous designers. I found it to be super interesting to read their view on the latest trends. It was a refreshing alternative to all the established magazines.

And over the years the market has changed a lot. Gone are the days where popular bloggers used to be critical, reflected over certain issues and had an authentic voice. The more you live up to society’s expectations of beauty the higher are the chances you’ll get an endorsement deal, products and travels. And yes there are exceptions and I don’t want to throw everybody under the bus. And no that’s no bashing, it’s just how the business has developed over the years.

Content is not king anymore it’s numbers like followership and likes that set the new rules for the game. And that’s the exact reason why I stopped blogging. I was intimidated, I became insecure since I don’t have a huge followership I falsely thought my opinion wasn’t worthy enough. I had the feeling I couldn’t live up to that 20k instagram lifestyle and thought that’s obviously what people want because these people don’t have a followership for nothing.

But then I changed my mind and here’s why.

If you really think about it, you’ll realize that the biggest factor many companies rely on bloggers and influencers these days is their range. And range is something totally different than expertise. Just because somebody is a popular internet personality doesn’t automatically make them an expert in anything other than gaining range and optimize their blog for trending key words. And that’s exactly why I’m planning on blogging more again. I do have an opinion on many things. And just because there are bloggers out there who have a range that’s 20 times bigger than mine, doesn’t make my content less valid or less important. Defining yourself through numbers whether you’ve got a huge or small followership is just wrong in my eyes.

To be honest it’s not easy to not be affected by everything that’s going on in the blogger scene, but at the end of the day it’s important to stick up to what you stand for and what you think is right. This is also an open call to other bloggers who used to hide under a rock like me. Let’s talk about it, let’s talk about insecurities, the feeling of being shunned and less important.

Making decisions based on other people’s actions isn’t aways the best way to go. I guess to me it’s important to stick with your core values and continue your work no matter what. And at the end of the day I still see my mission to talk about how we view gender in a society and how we can shift the prejudiced narrative as being very necessary in this day and age. One other topic that’s dear to my heart is how we can expand the definition of beauty. And not to forget my passion for pop culture. That’s what yokemara is about and I hope you all continue supporting me on this journey like you did since 2014!

Do you have a blog? Since when do you read blogs? What are you looking forward to read in a blog?

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