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Did you all have a good start into 2016? I surely did as I was partying until the early dawn. If you payed attention to your social media outlets in the past days, I’m sure many of you noticed how different some of your friends or followers are dealing with the maidenly New Year. Some of you might have shared your favourite memories of 2015 and reflected over the past year or posted your goals for the new year. I’m convinced that speaking about your aspirations out loud is the first step to realisation.

Having said that as important as it is in my opinion to reflect over things that have happened in your life, there will always be other people who eventually disagree and make fun of those who are determined to make a change in their lives. At the very end of this post I’m going to tell you why even those kind of people are important in your life and how you can deal with behaviour like this in your everyday life.

But firstly I want to share some advices with you that are as well my very own personal aspirational goals for the new year.

  1. Don’t delay things you want to do: It is such a bad habit to delay your tasks that you’ve had in mind starting, continuing or finalizeing. I really need to work on that matter, because there are just so many things that I want to realize. One way to get a step closer in solving this dilemma is to set priorities. I sometimes catch myself feeling a little stressed even just by the thought of writing a to do list, but in the back of my mind I obviously know that this is the way to go. Because having an overview enables you to set priorities form most important to least important. Another reason why delaying stuff sucks is that as far as my experiences go, you’re way more productive when you put an idea into action when it’s still fresh, rather than telling yourself, you’re gonna do it when you’ve got the time. And just in case you really, really don’t have the time to do it immediately, at least take out some seconds and write down the most important keywords for your task, which brings me to my next point …
  2. Consume actively: Do you know the feeling of having survived another exhausting day at work and don’t wanting to do anything anymore but indulging yourself with some random youtube videos for relaxation? Well if you do know that, then you’re my people. And you know what? That has to stop and I’m gonna tell you why. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t allow yourself to continue watching your beloved youtube content, netflix series or whatever, but I’m challenging you and myself to do the following: get yourself a notebook and write down in keywords just a few words or phrases that inspire you. And what you will do with it in the future is really up to you, but at least you have the most important thoughts of your consumption in one book. I’ve lost count on how many videos I’ve bookmarked in order to watch them later because I thought of them being important or inspirational and I rarely re-watch them, since there’s just too much information coming out every single day that I feel the urge of reading. So from now on my online behaviour will change and no important ideas will go by the board anymore!
  3. Turning a negative into a positive: This one sounds so chiché it almost hurts, but guess what? Have you ever thought about what it really means? I heard Oprah once say “Experiences are either a lesson or a blessing” and either way it’s important! Why? Because it’s essential to give every experience the space in order to grow as a person. I don’t know why but I’m convinced that the most successful people in wichever field they ended up working now have experienced some real lows. And to me it’s not about avoiding those lows since they are inevitable anyway, but what counts is how you deal with them when they happen. And that leads me to one of my favourite words ever: perseverance. Success to me also means overcoming obstacles and to experience a point of view of a negative situation can be a true eye opener and that wider can help you avoiding making the same mistake twice in an even more important situation. Another way how to interprete “Turning a negative into a positive” is to unapologetically go with your strengths even though it might be at first feel strange, intimidating and scary. There might be things about you that make you feel different or make you stand out and you personally percieve them as a negative since it differs from the norm. But guess what, success comprises revolutions. So don’t hold back anymore about things you want to do in life, just because you might be afraid of what other people might think of it. And since this way of thinking is vital to me it lead me to create an own pulletpoint.
  4. Don’t be afraid of being othered: Don’t throw rotten tomatos at me by emphasizing that we as human beings come in all different shapes, sizes, skin colors and personalities. And don’t get it twisted, what we as a society understand as being the norm is a construction. It’s not necessary a natural given thing, but we make it our reality by living up to the standards and expectations that we created and established for ourselves and the people surrounding us. As there is a total lack of media representations that stand for alternatives outside of the values that we consider as being normal, I’m sure that the number of people holding back of what they want to do workwise or on a personal scale is enormously high. And I challenge you and myself to not be afraid of letting peer preasure dowse your aspirations anymore. Standing out might not be a bad thing after all, since being memorable can eventually be really helpful. Give yourself the space to express the way you feel independently from possible critical voices. The days of striving to be everybody’s darling are over!
  5. Authenticity: Well, if you’re reading this and think of it as being nice and all that but you can’t implement these advices  because you lack selfconfidence. One of the most important questions I came accross Janet Mock’s speech regarding self confidence is the following “Who am I to myself?” Who are you to yourself? How do you see yourself? If you ask yourself that question and really be honest with yourself, you’ll get to know yourself a little better. And knowing things always help to achieve more assurness including towards yourself. I honestly believe in the power of creating a self. Nobody but you knows what’s best for yourself.
  6. Listen to your gut feeling: It’s vital to listen to your gut and don’t ignore what it tells you to do. I believe that if the heart and the brain give you two different answers, listen to your gut even if it offers you a third option. I’ve watched many interviews of successful people and they all emphasized how important it was for them and their career that they listened to their feeling inside their gut.
  7. Set yourself goals: People always say having goals in life is super important, you need to have them in your life. But why is the question? Why do we actually need goals in your life? The answer is so simple and I will never forget the moment my good friend told me that story. We need to set goals in our lives in order to be able to make the right decisions to achieve those goals. Setting goals makes it very easy for us to make the right decisions.
  8. Prove people wrong: Let’s face it, life is not only about setting goals, living an authentic life and all that. Yeah, implementing those things in your work scale might affect your career in a positive way but sometimes you just want to give up and start over. Before you do that, take some time off to really think about what it is that you want and then you’ll be able to collect yourself again and think about all those people who laughed at your New Year’s Resolutions and didn’t believe you can do it, think of telling them in your head “I have one thing to say to you, I’m gonna prove you wrong!”

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