You’re nobody until you’re talked about

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Cara Delevigne

Well it seems like Lonely Boy was right all along the way. “You’re nobody until you’re talked about” – it was Gossip Girl’s catchphrase that got us hooked in the fist place and apparently with that phrase they pretty much hit the nail right on the head and predicted the whole future for the entertainment industry.

Welcome to 2015!

And to translate this catchphrase into 2015 I’d go even further and say “You’re nobody until you’re talked about on social media”. And why’s that? Good question! If you ask me companies and marketing experts use social media as a popularity barometer estimating how successful their project can be. They assume that with booking Cara Delevigne for a job they automatically booked a potential 12 million instagram audience that follows her. And with that they’re hoping for a major online response in likes, shares or whatever social media love they aim to achieve.

Let’s talk about it!

Recently a friend of mine shared this NYPost article that discusses exactly the difficulty of booking social media queens like Cara, Kendall or Gigi for major modelling jobs and excluding all models from getting jobs that have a lower follower number than 10 000. Can you imagine that? I mean in what kinda twisted world do we live in? And before you go and say, they’re experts they know what they’re doing or more power to them, I’m gonna share my point of view with you in a list of five reasons why I think that this is nothing but a huge mess!

1) Quantity before quality: Just because Kendall Jenner has a followship of over 25 million on instagram doesn’t make her a good model in the first place. Just because she’s able to reach a larger audience than a less known model doesn’t mean that she photographs well. I’m not saying that Kendall is a bad model – in my opinion she’s not the best either – but all I’m saying is that there’s no correlation between modelling skills and the number of social media followership. I mean if she’s a good model and happens to have a large audience on social media, that’s fine too, but please don’t just book any model just because of her social media reputation!

2) Modelling is a craft! When will people realize that? Why is acting, ballet and dancing so well respected, but modeling isn’t? Why is the social perception of modeling so far apart from what it really is? I know so many people who think modeling is just about being pretty in front of a camera. Little do they know that modeling is acutually a skill, something that you have to learn, because it’s kind of a performance art that is getting caputured by a photographer in the right moment. And having lots of instagram followers teaches you nothing about that.

3) Relevance! What google realized years ago, is that quantity doesn’t say anything about relevance. Meaning just because Kendall has a huge followership, doesn’t automatically mean that they’re relevant for my brand or my company. Google realized that relevance is the key to success, it’s about targeting people who are really interested in my brand and what it stands for. That’s way more important than reaching a lot of people, because they might be all not in my core target group.

4) What about Kate? Kate Moss doesn’t even have instagram and Claudia Schiffer has a followership of just 58k. Does this make them bad models? According to the current booking strategies I guess it does! But isn’t it sometimes also the misteriousness that makes Kate so special? Honestly, I’m really glad that Kate Moss doesn’t have instagram, because I don’t wanna know what Kate had for breakfast or if she went for a run or is sitting in the bathtub! So you go Kate and stay off instagram otherwise you’d totally lose your mystic charme!

5) Hello adversites! I mean isn’t modeling also about challenging the viewer’s eyes in terms of what is beautiful? Isn’t it the duty of an editor or a designer or photographer to find that one model that suits perfectly into their vision to complete the whole picture? And how hard will it be for newcomer models to enter this already highly competitve market if they’re nobody unless they have over a 10 000 followership? So I guess by now you’re able to see the consequences. Already established models with a high number of social media followers will get even more gigs and new unknown models will have to face even harder adversities to enter this industry.

Anyway, that’s just my oppinion on that rediculous 10k discussion in the modeling industry. What a sad world that we live in, that you’re literally nobody until you’re somebody on instagram!

What do you think about this mess? Let me know in the comments below!

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