Don’t Dream It’s Over!

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As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was Miley Cyrus career. But we know good things are worth waiting for. Some might know the pop sensation from her former role as Hanna Montana and others got wind of her twerking skills and riding the wreckingball in 2013. Either way it’s a matter of fact that Miley established her name in the music industry. 

The Happy Hippie Foundation

It wan’t until yesterday that I really paid attention to Miley Cyrus’ “Happy Hippie Foundation“. I’ve heard the name before, but I’ve just learned what it was about. Sometimes I really kind of want to crawl into her mind, to witness how her ideas come about, what she spies on her travels and how thoughts make their way into her songs or why she’s initiating a foundation like this. It all becomes clear when we hear her talk. Take a look!

Words to live by. I am inspired by her risk taking personality, her unapologetic attitude, her sense of humor and her commitment to integrity. In fact Miley really came a long way to the strong and indpendent wormen that she became today.

Don’t dream it’s over

Yesterday Miley posted this beautiful cover of the classic from 1986 “Don’t dream it’s over” featuring angel voice Ariana Grande as part of her backyard sessions. In this video I think you can really tell how much Miley enjoys to sing and Arana’s silky voice is really impressive! Together they’re celebrating their love for music while raising awareness for a good cause. Since I personally have a strong sense of justice myself I really appreciate the fact that Miley’s making her weight felt supporting deprived communities.

To me Miley Cyrus now represents a lot more than just a twerking girl. She embodies many admirable qualities and is not afraid to talk about them. And with her duett with Ariana she not only proved once in for all that she can really sing, above that she defined her position as a voice for a modern age generation.


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