Is American Idol Season 14 really worth watching?

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Have you heard that American Idol started off into its 14th season? Can you believe it? The mother of all talent shows has returned. You’re not conviced? To be honest, I wasn’t either … until I watched the first episode!

So last night I was kind of bored and caught myself wondering what I could start watching and suddenly the new season of American Idol came into my mind. At first I thought I could give it a try and see what JLo’s gonna be wearing and how she’ll look like, so I tuned in. And suddenly I was so hooked because the talent was so good. Of course I also paid attention to how JLo looked like and she was just flawless in every style she appeared in (I need to get this blue and yellow nail polish for my sister too, it would look so good on her), but the talent just gave me chills.

So I’m on board again and American Idol season 14 just gained a new viewer! However I have to say that the opening scene where they showed the top 24 contestants performing one song together with hidden faces was really weird. But anyway props to try out something new to kick off the new season I guess? Sadly it took away the excitement for the castings even though you didn’t really see the faces. You know what I mean? So it was kind of unnecessary but I forgot about that scene as soon as I saw the first talents entering the room to face the judges.

There was one specific contestant who really stood out for me, he sang a song by Sam Smith of who I’m a huge fan of! And at the end of his performance he did something really funny!

Whatch this




So what I want to know from you, do you watch American Idol? What did you think about the anonymous top 24 performance at the beginning? And isn’t JLo just flawless all the time? Let me know in the comments below.


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