Is Natalia Kills the worst X-Factor judge ever?

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Where even to begin with this bizarre story? In light of a rediculously unfair rant against an X-Factor contestant, pop singer Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon – who I’ve personally never heard of before –  are making headlines these days. Watch this!

I don’t know how you guys felt about this absolutely inappropriate reaction by these two people, but I cringed when I saw this! I haven’t even seen the contestants performance, but in the end it doesn’t even matter. Of course the internet obviously doesn’t appreciate Natalia’s and her husband’s harsh words and as a result the two of them are experiencing a major backlash, like in this funny article from buzzfeed. And I think it’s totally understandable! Kudos to this guy for even finding the guts to perform at such a huge venue.

So what’s your opinion on this strange event? Do you think – sorry but it’s just on the dice – Natalia is killing her career with her throwing shade behaviour?

According to Just Jared Natalia and her hubby allegedly lost their jobs as X-Factor New Zealand judges immediately after that incindent! But thank god for the lady on the right who jumped in for the contestants defense. Let’s try to end this on a positive note with the words of talkshow host Ellen Degeneres who reminds us after every show to “Be kind to one another!”.


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