Rihanna is back and brought Sir Paul McCartney on board

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As the headline already gives away, Rihanna has released new music material and never disapoints to surprise us yet again, this time with a very unusual collaboration with the legendary Sir Paul McCartney and Kanye West.

While Rihanna is belting her heart out and Kanye accompanys her with his voice, Sir Paul McCartney doesn’t sing but plays the acoustic guitar. The song is quite catchy and I really enjoy the simplistic arrangement, that hopefully sets a new trend and banns all that 2008 shitty electronic dance music from the music scene for good!

Also I love that this raw approach reflects in the styling as well. All three of them wear all over denim outfits combined with cool boots. I wonder if the cleavage revealing shirt, that’s only held together with a tiny black belt, will become a trend, but I guess time will tell. After years of seeing mainly wigs, glitter and over the top costumes, it’s really pleasing my eyes to see that one of the biggest popstars doesn’t need much make up or special effects in her video to stay relevant! Well done Riri!

I’m going to listen to “FourFiveSeconds” one more time and then I’m off buying myself a head to toe denim outfit with some fancy new boots! Talk to you later!



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