Sia is Dreaming of California

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It wasn’t long ago when no one knew who Sia was, and now who doesn’t know who she is. I think the first time I took notice of the singer songwriter was when I came across the sad but beautiful track “Breathe me”  like two years ago. After that she became more and more famous as it turned out that Sia was the master mind behind so many of Rihanna’s hits, for example “Diamonds” or “Stay”.

Since then Sia has established her own career and is a regular in the charts. With her new song, a cover of the classic “California Dreaming” the singer who doesn’t really like to show her face in public proved yet again that she can sing anything. By the way, the track is part of the soundtrack to the catastrophy blockbuster “San Andreas”. Sia, your voice is mesmerizing and we really can’t get enough of it!


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