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Hello! How are you?

No, I’m not talking about you Lionel Richie, I’m was trying to make a reference to Adele’s “Hello” and one of my favourite November tunes! (Poor Lionel Ritchie! He probably hears all these bad jokes everyday at the moment). Since it’s getting ranier and colder outside, Adele serves you the best music to reflect over an exhausting day in school or from work and to enjoy your evening with a cup of hot lemonade. Well at least that’s what I’m doing. Anyway, I gotta say that I wasn’t too conviced about the song when I heard it first. But once I picked up the chorus, it wouldn’t get out of my head. And I mean it in the best way!

And since because it was just a matter of time that youtube’s singing birds would get creative and upload their very own rendition, I stumbled upon some very impressive covers. By all means, I’m not saying that any of them are better than the original, but just in case you’re in the mood for a slightly different version of the song, you can click through theses videos!

Apparently the internet went crazy over this korean girl who covered the song a couple of days ago and the video instantly went viral. It’s not my favourite cover of all time but it the internet’s favourite one. Kudos to you girl!


Leroy Sanchez is already a big youtube star and with his cover he once more proved why! In my my opinion he’s slaying the chorus and his range is really impressive. Take a look


This guy sings from the top of his lungs! He is killing the song from the first second on and you instatly know that it’s gonna be a good cover! Check it out!


If Adele and Beyoncé had a love child, it’ll porbably look and sound like Jade Nova. With her unique rendition she manages to make the song her own and even surprises us with a little medly towards the end. Also her runs are just beyond!


Ebony Day gifts us with a super cute cover. Seeing her in this parking block I just want to hand this girl a blanket and give a cup of hot tea. It’s very believable and honest, that’s what I like about it!


Now this might be my favourite cover, just because his voice must be from somewhere else. The R’n’B legend Joe is obviously nailing every tone. But the best part of it is that with the way he pronounces the lyrics, he takes you on a journey. Like Adele, he’s telling a story and at the end of the day this is what it’s all about!


So now it’s you turn, let me know in the comments about your favourite cover! Sound off and share your opinion with me. Until then, talk to you soon!




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