This was the best Grammy performance, hands down!

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Did you guys watch the Grammys the other night? I’m always excited to see all the A-List musicians at one place, it’s like the who is who in music all together for that one special night. Congrats to Sam Smith for winning not one, not two or three, but four Grammy Awards!! Your music is devine Sam, but your music videos can be better, but that’s another story!!

Anyway there was one performance that just knocked it out of the park: Hozier and Annie Lennox! They were just killing it!! Their voices, the music, the atmosphere, everything about it was just flawless! Sorry Beyoncé, you were good too, but there’s just no comparison by far to what Hozier and Annie Lennox did!


Uniting Forces

In my opinion it wasn’t just a perfect match musically between the two, it all makes sence if you have a look at Annie Lennox career: The Oscar Award winning singer-songwriter is not only very successful with her music, she was always ahead of her time pushing the boundaries for human rights. So when I saw both of them performing live on stage, something just felt so right and complete, you know what I mean? Them two singing together makes so much sense building a bridge between two generations. And the reason for that is that they both make so much more than just music, they’re uniting forces and seeing them combining their very strong political agenda is just a beautiful thing!

And right now, all I have left to say is, lean back and enjoy this absolutely phenomenal performance and thank you Hozier and Annie Lennox for brining back the music! Hit it!


  • Kathrin
    February 11, 2015

    Prince was my highlight of the night!

    • admin
      February 12, 2015

      Thanks for you comment curiouspretzel!! Yeah, you’re right, he was great too!

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