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There’s no doubt about that Adele is one of the most talked about artists at the moment. Her song “Hello” skyrocketed around the world setting the bar really high for other artists to follow up. By now I’ve heard the record breaking smash hit so many times to a point where I don’t listen to it intentionally anymore, but having said that it still makes me happy if I’m at random places and the song is being played there.

However I’d have to say, I never really took out the time to figure out what kind of person is behind that British pop phenomenon that speaks to multiple generations. And after I watched the following interview I really have to say that it’s so refreshing to see that she doesn’t take herself too seriously as many of her pals in this industrie do.

Adele is known for living a quite private life, not giving too much away about herself in order to maintain her privacy, which is a good thing in my opinion. The list of names who didn’t know how to cope with fame is endless, some of them met the wrong people, were involved with drug abuse, or their career took a downward spiral for some other reason.

Fame won’t last forever

That’s what Adele says in this very interesting interview and I think she’s absolutely right. Her carrer might reach a point where people are just sick of her, stop buying her music for whatever reason and the challenge for her is going to be to be able to deal with this situation and be okay with it. But I’m convinced that having these thoughts in your mind while being at the peak of your career makes you a lot more appreciative of what you have right now.

Anyway let “Slaydele” charm you with her British humour! Roll it!

Here’s another in depth gem that sums up Adele’s story quite perfect. And you know how much I love in depth portraits, right? Enjoy!

30 minutes of Adele realness

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