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I love the feeling when I stumble upon things that don’t make sense at all when you first see them, but when you have a closer look it all comes together. To be honest with you, Billboard’s choice for woman of the year 2015 was exactly that kinda moment and the fact they chose Lady Gaga really surprised me. I was like “Lady Gaga? Really?” Out of all the females that dominated pop music this year they chose Lady Gaga to be this year’s winner. I mean there could have been plenty of other female performers who ruled this year, for example Taylor Swift with her 1989 album or Katy Perry who was recently announced to be the highest paid female artist in 2015 by Forbes Magazine.

But Lady Gaga seemed to be the most random choice to me and I didn’t understand it until I saw her performance followed up by a moving speech about the music industry. Take a look and then we’ll continue talking!

Wow, what a performance and what a speech! And what a woman! I’m gonna be honest with you, I did have my problems with Lady Gaga since I really questioned her authenticity in the things she was talking about, the way she carried herself – which was kinda desperate for attention at some point, but I’ve changed my mind after I saw what she just did on stage!

This girl really had a tough time and it’s true, almost the whole pop music industry turned their back on her after her highly anticipated album Art Pop wasn’t as successful as expected, people were writing her off, me included. And if you asked me Lady Gaga truely redeemed herself with this performance and proved to everyone who was in doubt about her potential as a performer and singer wrong. And that brings me to my next point that really struck me: her perseverance! Man, think about it! This girl truely was written off by almost everybody, Miley came along and took over Gaga’s crazy outfit signature style in a heartbeat. Nowadays we’re only talking about Adele and how she’s breaking all the records to be broken and nobody seemed to care about Gaga anymore.

But I truely respect the fact that Billboard brings back the light to Gaga who’s a true fighter, has perseverance like nobody else and that to me deserves to be honored and to be talked about. I can not imagine how tough it must be to be celebrated at one point and being dropped by almost everybody in the next minute.

For the first time in a very long time I thought of her performance as well as her speech both being very authentic and genuine. I’m convinced that people were missing that about her and I’m happy for her that she seems to be in a place were things are starting to fall into place again, or shall I say I’m sure she worked her behind off to be taken seriously again.

What’s your take on that? Have you always been a Gaga fan? Are you impressed with her performance? And do you agree with Billboard’s choice to honor Lady Gaga for woman of the year? Sound off in the comments section and share your point of view on that matter with me.

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